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Time tracking for marketers

Last updated on
September 4, 2021

Whether you work in an agency, as part of a small team or for yourself, time tracking is a necessary evil for every marketer. It’s boring, intrusive and wildly unproductive, but without it nobody can get paid or improve their performance. But as much as we hate time tracking, it isn’t going anywhere. It’s exactly why we designed Timely – the first automatic time tracking app that can track and log all your hours while you work.

The time tracking tool for marketers

Timely captures all the time you spend across different projects and clients without interrupting you. It tracks the time you spend in every tool you use for work – from meetings, phone calls, documents, websites and emails – to map out your entire working day. AI-powered time sheets, real-time project dashboards and custom reporting then allow you to explore your time data without compromising your own productivity.

Available on every device you work with

🔍 Make every business activity visible

By automatically tracking every second of your working day, Timely gives you a flawless record of your entire business activity. You can finally manage your internal costs by knowing exactly how much time you spend prospecting for new clients, researching, developing ideas and communicating internally. But you can also ensure you capture every billable task you work on, including “invisible” billable hours spent on emails, client phone calls, project communication, meetings and travel. Everything is represented using intuitive dashboards, so you can focus on taking informed decisions instead of digging for data.

💰 Bill accurately and transparently

Whether you’re a consultant or an in-house executive, no one wants to feel short changed. Unlike most tracking tools, Timely removes the unruly manual element from your billable hours tracking, so you can represent exactly what happened; not just what you can remember. Automatic tracking is a no-brainer when you work across different client types and projects, using a combination of fixed rates, retainers and hourly fees. It’s not humanly possible to record that kind of flow accurately. With Timely, every billable detail makes it to your time sheet, and it’s all there for clients to see in granular detail, should they wish to.

💧 Lead with watertight project management

From making better project estimates to tracking exactly where you marketing budget is spent, Timely lets you manage your projects effectively from one place. By seeing all the tasks and phases that go into each project type, as well as all the hours you spend communicating with clients and collaborating internally around projects, you know exactly how much resource and time you need for each project. It helps you set competitive prices and bid with greater accuracy, while ensuring your rates always cover your project costs. Then track exactly how you’re spending your budget across all clients and projects live in real-time from your “Projects” page.

📈 Only take on profitable work

Accurate time tracking can reveal exactly who your most profitable clients are, and those who are not worth your time. In Timely, you can visualize exactly how you spread your time across your clients, and break down all the individual activities that you work on for each. By planning time ahead, you can forecast project revenue and then compare your estimates to what actually happened. By seeing exactly how project profitability is drawn out, squandered and eaten up by your clients, you can quickly determine project ROI and know which work to prioritize in future.


⚙️ Improve productivity and efficiency

You can’t increase your productive efforts without knowing how you spend them in the first place. By tracking every detail of your day, Timely shows you exactly how you spend your time. And there’s a ton of behavioral and operational insight to be found in there. By identifying inefficient workflows, interruptions, broken processes and personal disruption, you can actually introduce effective change to improve your productivity. Just knowing Timely won’t skip a detail can be motivation enough to make you more accountable for how you spend every second.

💪🏼 Keep everyone pulling in the same direction

If you manage a marketing department, you understand the importance of keeping everybody aligned and on-task. Unlike some creepy time tracking tools, Timely leads with employee trust and lets managers guide their team’s effort from a position of respect. From one central dashboard, you can see team capacity, overtime, workload distribution, individual activity and billable % for each employee – all of which is fed by data your employees have chosen to share. It helps you manage resources, ensure everyone is working on their highest priority work and provide proactive support for those vulnerable to burnout.

❤️ Get back to productive work

Really, the best bit about Timely is that it lets you just get back to your work. Since everything is being logged for you in the background, you don’t have to interrupt your work to start and stop a timer, and you can choose to log time according to your own rhythms. Some marketers log their time every other day, others only do it two or three times a month. Timely was designed to be non-intrusive; to match your patters and fit around your workflows. As the time tracking app to end time tracking, it frees you up to focus on what you’re actually employed to do.

Why marketers love Timely

Timely is the time tracking tool of choice for marketing specialists of all backgrounds and company sizes – from creative directors, brand strategists, copywriters, designers and PR magi, to agency heads and CEOs wearing every hat. But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what a few of them had to say about the tool:

“I have worked in marketing agencies for 20+ years, running three of my own in that time. I know the importance of time tracking and also how cumbersome and costly many trackers are, and I really wish I'd had Timely 15 years ago! It’s an indispensable tool for any services business.”

– Amber, marketing and business development consultant
“Timely solves every issues marketers face with time reporting. The project dashboards, the ability to see billable percentages, the ability to apply individual hourly rates to people and adjust them for specific projects, the customized tags, the reporting – everything!”

Callie, agency marketing manager
“An amazing tool for tracking working hours, organizing upcoming tasks, and comparing project estimates against real costs. I dropped Wunderlist and Trello and use only Timely; it's a great product!”

Guilherme, freelance marketing consultant
"Timely is the tool I've longed for since the late 20th century.  It's a total game changer, not only in business applications, but in gaining perspective on personal priorities as well."

Jay, marketing consultant
“We wanted to see where our Marketing department’s time is really being spent; to manage scope creep and keep to our priorities. Timely lets us do both, as well as helping us manage internal time spent on client development and prospecting.”

Jennifer, marketing executive
“The planned vs actual time is a great feature when tracking marketing budgets and rates, and the automatic Memory Tracker is a life saver!”

Kaila, marketing consultant
"Before Timely, I tracked time in Freshbooks – recording time in my calendar and 'tagging' it to a specific client – but there was no real detail about what I actually did in that time. With Timely, I can literally see what I spend every minute of the day doing.”

Heidi, marketing agency founder
“One of the BEST things about Timely is the ability to "plan" hours ahead, and then see what you actually ended up doing – broken down by client, app and activity. I literally spent 30 minutes nerding out to my significant other that I had FINALLY found the software for me and how cool it was and why I loved it so much!”

Ian, marketing consultant
“I have my own in-house team, but I spend a lot of my time assembling and managing my clients’ teams on a project by project basis. Timely helps me keep track of what I am doing, for who, and when without me having to stress that I will forget my hours or bill incorrectly.”

Ford, branding and design agency founder
“With time tracking automation, nice project management features and a sleek design, Timely is the best automatic time tracking app on the market.”

Yuriy, Head of social media marketing
“Memory is GREAT for people like me who forget to track their work all the time. It’s especially useful for understanding project task length, so I can bill fixed project prices instead of hourly prices and know they’re profitable.”

Ella, freelance marketer and PR specialist
“Timely helps me organize the work I do visually, allowing me to time block my week. The ability to quickly ignore/approve hours is increasing my efficiency too.”

Jordan, freelance marketing contractor

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Try Timely for yourself

We’d love to know how Timely works for your business. Trial the full app for free and let us know what you think. If it’s a perfect match, know that we have pricing plans for agencies, small teams and consultants, so you only pay for what you actually need. If we’re missing a key functionality that could supercharge your marketing, send a feature request to support@timelyapp.com and we’ll push it up our development list!

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