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The best iPhone apps for mobile work

Last updated on 
January 3, 2020

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Being shackled to the office is a thing of the past. More people than ever now work remotely or offsite, and a huge amount of our work now regularly takes place on mobile devices. But if you’ve ever tried working on-the-go you’ll know it’s not always plain sailing – unreliable Wi-Fi, desktop-centered design and slow loading times can kill your efficiency.

Thankfully, there a ton of brilliant native iPhone apps that make mobile work a breeze. Here are six of the essential iPhone apps for business you need in your life:



If you want to make tracking work hours a doddle, check out Timely, which uses AI to do the whole thing for you. Its automatic time tracker records everything you’re working on, saving every detail in real-time to a private timeline you can access on mobile. Its mobile GPS location tracker and call tracker also pull in commonly overlooked hours and ensure you have a full picture of your working day – essential for capturing travel time and seeing where meetings overrun. All your time data can be managed on-the-go; just tap a tracked activity to log it to your timesheet, and export reports in seconds. More hours logged, and more time left for real work.



Another essential app for work on the move. Whether you want to quickly see your to-do list, comment on tasks or get updates from coworkers, Asana makes it easy to stay updated. Essentially a collaborative work-management app, Asana’s flexibility is one of its best features; it’s as effective at managing projects as it is juggling and updating ongoing tasks, even without start or finish dates. With just a few clicks you can add or change deadlines, ask questions and check task statuses. Bad signal isn’t an issue, because you can carry on working while offline, and once you’re back online the updates sync up. There’s lots of information on screen, but luckily the design allows you to skim to what’s relevant.



To up your social game, downloading the Buffer app is a must. It’s ideal if you manage your business’s social media accounts and need to flick quickly between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The free version allows you to manage five different accounts, but if you have more, a Premium plan is best. You can schedule posts throughout the day to ensure they get maximum exposure, with up to 10 pending posts at one time. Buffer is also handy if you want insight on your marketing. It shows you all relevant social analytics, revealing which posts are the most clicked on, shared and liked in a matter of clicks. Massively helpful when it comes to knowing what content actually works!



Wrike is already known for its seamless project management, planning and collaboration services, and luckily the iPhone app is more than a mere mobile add-on – it’s a multi-purpose package in its own right. No matter where you are, it’s now quick and easy to manage your projects effectively: the app gives you access to folders, tasks, projects and dashboards, allows you to see and share photos, files and performance statistics, assign and schedule tasks, and enjoy real-time inbox communication.

Adobe Acrobat Reader


Most of us have experienced the frustration of trying to open an attachment on mobile that just–won’t–work. Thanks to the Adobe Acrobat Reader app, opening, viewing, signing and commenting on PDF documents is as smooth as it should be in 2018 – whether you’re opening PDFs from the internet or your email. There are also useful annotation tools that work surprisingly well from your phone: you can easily note down any comments you have via sticky notes or drawing tools, and highlighting, striking out or marking up sections of text is even easier. The design for iPhone is great too, and you can scroll and zoom in and out, as well as search for names and keywords.



1Password is the best password manager around, and the iPhone app is just as useful as the full system. 1Password saves all your passwords in one place, locking them safely behind the one password you can always remember. No more trying to fill in fiddly forms with your personal information, or trying to tap your credit card details into a tiny box when making purchases. 1Password is simple and secure; all you need to do is add your passwords and details to the system – after that, logging onto websites and online accounts will become plain sailing.

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Keep your team ticking

Timely automatically tracks team hours, activity
and capacity to keep everyone connected.
Lead happier, healthier teams.

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