The 5 best apps for running an office fitness challenge

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July 13, 2018

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Healthy competition – there’s nothing like it. Especially when applied literally in a group fitness challenge: it releases endorphins, strengthens relationships and supports personal wellbeing.

We’re still sweaty from Timely's first company-wide fitness challenge, which proved to be ridiculously fun. Everyone actually committed to the idea – even those working remotely! And it’s all thanks to the help of a sweet group challenge app we used. In case you’re looking to do the same, here are the best office fitness challenge apps we’ve found for simple, memorable competitions.



What’s the deal? Grab your phone, smartwatch or fitness tracker and start walking. Whoever has the most steps at the end of your challenge wins. And no, you can’t fool the system by sitting down and swinging your device about (we tried 😩).

Just download the app, create a team, set up your company challenge and invite your colleagues. There are four types of challenge, but we opted for “leader board”, which shows everyone’s progress in one simple dashboard. If fear of revealing just how lazy you are wasn’t enough, we also added a carrot: an Apple Watch for the winner.



What’s the deal? Set your company a simple challenge, like doing 100 push ups every day for a week. For every push up you skip, you have to pay $1 into your group Spiff account. But the forfeit is also secretly the reward: all the money you save together can then be spent on something for the whole team.

This is a really fresh approach to competition and lays the foundations for something much more beneficial: smart financial control. Spiff was created to help young people take charge of their saving by turning it into a fun social activity. It takes an important but inaccessible aspect of daily life and transforms it into something fun and achievable – with the added benefit of group support. It’s free on the App Store in Norway, and will be expanding to other countries soon!

Charity Miles


What’s the deal? Get everyone in your company moving – running, walking dancing, cycling, whatever. For every mile tracked in your Charity Miles team, you earn money for a charity from the app’s sponsorship pool.

This is a brilliantly selfless approach to competition, allowing you to raise money to support others while you and your colleagues get a good workout. You also have the added option to get sponsored by friends during the competition. Monitor your progress on the leader board to directly see the funds you’ve collectively raised for unparalleled motivation.

My Virtual Mission


What’s the deal? Set up a virtual route anywhere in the world for your team to “travel”. Then let everyone get stuck into their favourite activities – running, walking, swimming – and track your group progress along your path.

This app puts an interesting spin on isolated team activity, by connecting your team in a single virtual journey. It’s all about taking something mundane and making it visual and engaging. Everyone can plot their progress on your group map and get visuals of the surroundings at each location, as well as live weather updates! You never know – if you all do well, your boss might actually take you there for real.

HQ Trivia


What’s the deal? Get the whole company to play HQ trivia’s live quizzes over a week and see how much you win. Then split the winnings between everyone and feast!

You caught us: this one isn’t a fitness challenge. Not everyone is able to take part in intense physical rivalry – and some people simply don’t like it. HQ Trivia provides a simple, weird alternative. It only takes 15 minutes and 12 correctly-answered trivia questions to hit the jackpot – some of which can be as large as $300,000. No one’s quite sure how the app makes money, but try it while it’s still around: participation is completely free and you wouldn’t want to miss trying “the best worst thing on the internet”.

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