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July 30, 2018

We’re on a big push to keep our Timely mobile experience up-to-par with our web and desktop apps. Giving you the freedom to use Timely the way you like best is one of our top priorities. We’ve been swamped with developing Memory AI in the last few months, so thanks for hanging in there! Here’s the first round of Timely updates for mobile to reward your patience. 🙏🏼

Access reports from your mobile

First off, your Reports are heading to mobile! You can now browse and view the reports you create on web or desktop from your Android device (and very soon on iOS!).


As on web, you can filter existing reports, view details for specific entries and even rename reports from your mobile.


You can also click into individual users from your reports to review their related activity:


Any existing report can now be shared directly from your mobile via quick link generation:


It marks a massive improvement in Timely mobile reporting, and we’re aiming to build in the exact same feature set that is currently available on the web app. That means you’ll soon be able to create and edit new reports directly from your mobile devices.

Control projects effortlessly on iOS

You’ve got a 🔥 new Projects page! We’ve completely rebuilt the Project section on iOS so you have more power to analyze and control project performance from your mobile. Starting with the Project home page.


Powerful Project homepage

To help you access key information quickly, you can choose between two views: “Dashboard” and “All Projects”.

Your Dashboard is reserved for highest priority information: it lists your pinned and most recent projects for quick review. From here you can scan the latest activities across all your projects, with the option to “Show all” for a more in-depth look. We’ve also added a bit more budget detail so you get more from this snapshot view.

All Projects shows you everything. Apply project status and budget filters to browse and slice through every project you’ve ever created. Everything is searchable, so you can quickly access and compare project performance with minimal input.


Quick controls

Clicking into an individual project from your Projects list reveals a whole new world of project detail. We’ve basically kitted it out with the same information structure used on our web and desktop apps.

We’ve also added in a few handy extras to help you manage projects on-the-go:

  • The Clients button in the top-left lets you view and manage all your clients — renaming, archiving and re-activating as you please.
  • Each project’s menu button lets you pin and unpin, archive and restore, delete and edit projects in just a few taps.

But there’s more! You are also now able to set general and required tags for different projects directly from your iOS device. No more heading to your web app to do the same job.


Not a bad haul for one month! These changes mark a first step towards making Timely more accessible across all your devices, so you can use the tool the way you like best.

Watch out for more iOS and Android goodies coming soon. 🍰

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