Bonus mobile goodies

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September 27, 2018

All our developers are currently locked into building something extremely exciting, which we’ll be releasing very soon! To tide you over, we’ve still managed to crack out a few extra nuggets of mobile goodness for iOS and Android ✨ Enjoy!

Mobile subscription management

We’ve made three main improvements to mobile subscription management for iOS:

  • You can now sign up for monthly Solo plans (not just Essential)
  • Making changes is much simpler and more intuitive
  • The UI is absolutely gorgeous
iOS. Subscription (1)

Just head to your Settings page in the app to manage your subscription on-the-go!

All-new Android Projects

You’ve waited patiently and your project management prayers have now been answered — checkout your sweet new mobile project controls on Android!

Projects. Dashboard

This first Dashboard view acts as your main project control panel. Quickly scan your pinned and most recent projects for budget spend and latest activities. Towards the bottom of the page, you’ll find a real-time list of the latest updates across all your projects.

Projects. All

Now tap on the All projects tab. From here you can see everything that’s going on with your projects in detail. Everything’s neatly ordered by client, but if you need to quickly jump to a specific project, just use the search bar at the top of the page. We’ve also added in a few helpful filters to let you order projects by whatever you’re interested in knowing.

This all-new project page essentially gives you equal project management controls to those you enjoy on Timely’s web and desktop apps. You can still add new projects from here, and we’ve added in a few cool extra controls:

  • Clients in the top-left of your page lets you manage and archive your client list on-the-go
  • The “…” menu against every project lets you pin, edit, delete and archive projects from your mobile

And there’s more to come! Expect to access detailed project views from Android very shortly. 🎉

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