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A Timely Tour — The Essentials

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A Timely Tour - The Essentials

Weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays | 30mins.

Timely automates time tracking so teams can focus on the work that matters.

Join us for this interactive 20-minute tour of Timely automatic tracking software. We'll take you behind the magic to explore what you can do with automatic time tracking. Ask us your questions in a 10-minute Q&A at the end to dig deeper!

Register for a demo to discover how to:

  • Accurately capture everything you work on
  • Understand and improve profitability
  • Lead happier, healthier teams
  • Balance resources and run smarter projects
About your speakers:
Julian Johns is VP of Sales at Memory and has 15+ years of experience in leading exceptional sales and operations teams. He is passionate about creating tools for a better future of work.
Julian Johns
Timely is a leader in Time Tracking on G2
Timely is a leader in Time Tracking on G2
Timely is a leader in Time Tracking on G2
Timely is a leader in Time Tracking on G2

Why people love Timely

Jennifer W
Great program for time tracking!
Keeping up with time is very important in my agency when we are working on different projects. Knowing how much time and the cost helps us keep our prices on point when we are quoting projects. I can also assign it to a specific person and know what each person is working on. Timely is so easy to use and allows you to keep time tracking for multiple projects.
Kurt K
More money – less problems!
Timely is very quick and easy to use! You can save a lot of time with the intelligent 'Memory Tracker' plugin. The easy way of sharing project reports is second to none - our customers love it! We became a complete new overview on our time-spending and project hours in an easy and stylish way. Our customers love the report sharing function!
Deborah M
Business Unit Manager
Just what I needed
Timely help me manage my time and keep track of all the tasks for multiple project/clients. It's accurate and user friendly. It's really simple to use and Memory trackers works super!
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