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Timely removes the time tracking burden, drafting accurate timesheets while you work.

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Timely offers user-level privacy by design. All your automatically tracked data stays completely private to you, and you control what goes public on your timesheet. It's a timesheet software that teams actually trust.


No timers, no notes, no interruptions – Timely captures employee work activity automatically and drafts timesheets for them. Everyone can focus fully on their work and approve their timesheet when it suits them.


Even when logged daily, manual timesheets are only ever 67% accurate and cost the average US firm $50,000 each year. By using automation, Timely produces a complete, objective record of all business time for accurate payroll, reporting and forecasting.

Timely outperforms manual timesheet software

✅ Provides an objective record of all work hours

✅ Removes expensive guesstimates, gaps and manual errors

✅ Surfaces hours spent on email, meetings, travel and communication

Trusted by over 12,000 early adopters worldwide

Top-rated by independent user review sites

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