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Timely outsources project time tracking to AI, producing an infallible record of all project time.

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Timely offers user-level privacy by design. All your automatically tracked data stays completely private to you, and you control what goes public on your timesheet. It's a project time tracker teams can actually trust.


No timers, no notes, no interruptions – Timely automatically captures all your work activity and links it to the right project for you using AI. All public project data is then fed into clean real-time dashboards. Report on budget status, project activity and time on task in seconds.


Manual project tracking costs the average US firm $50,000 each year in lost billables. By using automation, Timely ensures all project activity is captured for accurate payroll, project reporting and forecasting.

Timely outperforms manual project time trackers

✅ Produces an objective record of all project hours automatically

✅ Captures project costs and time drains - including internal communication

✅ Enables accurate project reporting, costing and billing

Trusted by over 12,000 early adopters worldwide

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