Toggl vs Timely

See how Timely's different from Toggl

Toggl's timers are great ... when you remember them

Timers are great if you remember to start and stop them every time you switch tasks. We believe in automatic time tracking so you don't miss out on billable time.

Toggl is a stopwatch, Timely helps you get more work done

Planning ahead boosts your productivity! Plan your week ahead in Timely, verify actual time spent on a task, and generate a beautiful timesheet to send your client.

No more double logging; plan in your calendar

You shouldn't have to do the same job twice. When you plan in your calendar, you've already done half the job. Import your schedule to Timely, and your timesheet is ready to go.

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Kurt K

More money – less problems!

Timely is very quick and easy to use! You can save a lot of time with the intelligent 'Memory Tracker' plugin. The easy way of sharing project reports is second to none - our customers love it! We became a complete new overview on our time-spending and project hours in an easy and stylish way. Our customers love the report sharing function!

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