AI-powered time tracking

For Freelancers

Manage your projects, profitability and workflow in one app

Remove the time tracking burden

Automatic time tracking = happier freelancers

Balance your freelance workflow

See how long you spend on each step of the design workflow. Essential for identifying inefficiencies and rebalancing your priorities. Useful for optimizing project plans and cost estimates too!

Manage retainers, projects & profitability

Get a real-time overview of how you spend your project budget, down to the time spent on each task. Everything can be shared with clients in a single click using custom-branded report templates.

Plan your work schedule effortlessly

Drag-and-drop the calendar interface  to plan in tasks ahead, so you can protect the time needed to complete each client project. Break down your week by “planned” and “logged” time to ensure you don’t overcommit, and quickly see where you have room in your schedule.

Manage multiple projects

Timely makes it easier to juggle multiple projects at once. Set custom rates across your projects, get automatic budget updates, and let AI assign work to the right client for you.

Award-winning time tracking

Top rated by independent user review sites.
Tiago M

Timely makes my life simpler

By tracking all my activities across devices, Timely is the master-log of my life and helps me understand my habits, bill my clients and be more productive. It's completely unobtrusive and never does ask you to log. It helps me be clear with myself about my priorities and transparent with my clients about their investment in my time. I spend 0 time worrying if I'm billing correctly ...

Track your favorite tools

Capture the time you spend in every work tool automatically.
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