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Fully automatic time tracking loved by business owners.

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“Tracking time helps us effectively manage our performance and calculate profitability - important things for any business owner! Timely enables us to do this easily and beautifully, helping us consistently improve how we show up and do the work."

- Emily Thompson + Kathleen Shannon, entrepreneurs and hosts of Being Boss podcast

Automatic time tracking for business owners

From designers and programmers, to IT consultants, marketers, lawyers, architects and writers, Timely is an essential tool for anyone looking to simplify business management. Run a more proactive, accountable and profitable business by capturing all your billable hours and knowing exactly where your time goes.

Increase business profitability

Time tracking can increase your business profitability by capturing every billable second of your working day. Get the full picture – from the time you spend in different documents, apps, websites and meetings, to time traveling, taking calls and managing email. Improve timesheet accuracy, increase project profitability and optimize team performance in one go.

Track budgets and increase project profitability

Whether you bill by the hour or using fixed rates, creating a project in Timely gives you a full overview over where your budget goes, helping you improve future estimates, understand client profitability, and only take on tasks that are worth your time.

Share reports and easily invoice your clients

Getting paid for your work is easy. Create granular invoices in a matter of seconds with our simple report builder, sharing them with clients via a simple private URL. No need to spend money on yet another piece of software to sort the basics.

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Tiago M

Timely makes my life simpler

By tracking all my activities across devices, Timely is the master-log of my life and helps me understand my habits, bill my clients and be more productive. It's completely unobtrusive and never does ask you to log. It helps me be clear with myself about my priorities and transparent with my clients about their investment in my time. I spend 0 time worrying if I'm billing correctly ...

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