Automatic hourly timesheet calculator

Timely uses AI to calculate hourly timesheets for you, protecting you from expensive manual errors.  

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Captures all your hours automatically

…Not just the ones you remember. Get a complete record of everything you work on.

Drafts accurate hourly timesheets for you

Don't spend hours manually creating your timesheet - just hit “Approve” to log Timely’s suggestions.

Surfaces hidden billable hours

Billable time spent on email, meetings, project management, travel and coordination all make it to your timesheet.

Timely makes timesheets effortless

✅ No invasive manual timers or note taking — Timely remembers for you.

✅ Remove guesstimates, lost hours and miscalculation from your timesheets.

✅ Spend more time on the job you were actually hired to do.

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