Project and team planning

Map and schedule your resources from one intelligent space.

Visualize your plans

Timely makes detail breathable. Visualize all planned work up to 60 days into the future from one beautifully clear timeline. Compare schedules across teams to quickly locate the optimal space for collaboration.

Schedule effortlessly

Reduce scheduling to a matter of minutes using a clean, modern interface. Allocate, edit and reassign tasks between colleagues with a simple click and drag. Planned time auto-populates a draft on user time sheets to expedite logging, too.

Balance resources across projects

Manage your team’s time across multiple project schedules from one comprehensive view. Handy for distributing resources fairly between clients; essential for ensuring project plans respect budget and deadline agreements.

Make all efforts visible

No need to interrupt people or dig for information — see what everyone is working on from a glance. Quickly see how busy or available people are in order to optimize schedules, stay aligned and pull resources to where they are needed most.

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