Project and team planning

Create your master plan

We’re building a new breed of planning software powered by automatic time tracking. You’ll find all the fundamental controls for coordinating team work, but unlike other planning tools Timely will provide an accurate, real-time feedback loop of how your plans actually unfold. Review team performance against original estimates to set competitive rates, achievable deadlines and healthier schedules.

Schedule tasks effortlessly -


Timely’s Tasks add-on empowers everyone to create effective schedules that align with team priorities. Using simple drag and drop, teams can plan and log time against a structured task list —accounting for deadlines, estimated duration and linked projects. With a visual overview of all team work, managers can assign tasks in harmony with capacity and follow the progress of work without interrupting their team.

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Visualize everything

We want Timely to make detail breathable. Using your favorite visual formats, Timely will help you translate your descriptive task lists into high-level, actionable timelines. From managing multiple teams to keeping simultaneous projects on track, Timely will provide one space for visualizing your workflows. Map out your path to delivery and quickly gauge your progress against the bigger picture.

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Manage proactively

Even the best laid plans can be disrupted—but with Timely, that doesn’t have to spell disaster. Our new planning tool will make it easy to flexibly adapt plans to accommodate shifting priorities, deadlines and capacity without breaking budgets or burning out. By providing a real-time, accurate overview of all team activity, you can manage new challenges proactively before they become expensive.

Manage Proactively
Plan Smarter
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Plan smarter

Leveraging automatic time tracking, Timely will capture everything that goes into each project and actively help you refine your planning. From comparing task estimates against your actuals, to making sure every piece of work is captured, Timely will help you plan smarter—so you can optimize rates and deadlines, address bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and protect your team from overworking.

Invest as little as $2/month per person today

The first phase of our planning feature—Tasks—is already live, but by investing now you can enjoy every subsequent planning release at no additional cost. Invest as little as $2/month per person today for lifetime access to planning powered by automatic time tracking.

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Tasks: the foundation of advanced planning in Timely.
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