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Timely’s simple automated approach makes it the definitive WebWork Tracker alternative.
Trade manual timer frustration and creepy screenshots for intuitive, culture-friendly time tracking.
“I always forget to start or stop timers. Manual timer apps also don’t give me any detail about what I did during that time.”
— Helena via Typeform

An alternative to WebWork Tracker’s timers and Big Brother mindset

Feel Helena’s pain? You’re not alone. Almost every time tracking app currently on the market shares WebWork Tracker’s essential design flaw: manual timer input.

Constantly starting and stopping timers is an unnatural and inefficient way to track time — particularly if you regularly hop between projects or responsibilities. You only log the activities you remember working on, leading to incomplete timesheets. This subjectivity itself breeds striking inaccuracy — even if you remember to log your hours every day, studies show that timesheets that rely on manual input are only ever 67% accurate.

WebWork Tracker is also notorious for its flagrant violation of employee privacy. It gives managers the ability to take screenshots of employee screens, monitor keystrokes and mouse clicks, and see all employee website and app activity.  Proudly marketing its employee monitoring features to “control your employees”, it pedals a dangerous time tracking model built around employee distrust.

In this context, WebWork tracker’s seven-day free plan matters relatively little. Ultimately, a robust time tracking solution should satisfy a very basic purpose: capturing hours accurately without destroying team trust and culture.

Bringing automatic time tracking to QuickBooks

Our QuickBooks integration lets you draft accurate invoices for all unbilled
work in Timely with a click and send them directly to QuickBooks Online.
Import all of your Toggl projects, users, clients and tags to Timely in a matter of seconds.

How to make the switch
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What makes Timely the best WebWork Tracker alternative?

Offering automatic time tracking, Timely is quite a step up from WebWork Tracker’s basic manual reporting. Instead of making you track time on every task and plug in notes, Timely captures everything you work on down to the second! Crucially, it actually protects employee privacy and is 100% free of dystopian spying features. Here are a few reasons why WebWork Tracker users switch to Timely.

Bill accurately for all work

Timely automatically captures the time you spend on every piece of work in the background for you. No guesstimates, overlooked billable hours, or struggling to remember what you worked on. By producing a flawless timeline of your work day, Timely ensures every billable detail actually makes it to your timesheet.

Save hours on time tracking

By tracking time automatically for you, Timely reduces weekly timesheet admin from 2 hours to 10 minutes. Just drag and drop tracked activities to your timesheet to log them, or click to approve time entries drafted by Timely’s AI. The whole ideas is to help you focus fully on your work without being interrupted by manual timers.

Manage projects and report effortlessly

Timely makes it easy to translate masses of granular time data into accessible, professional reports for clients and stakeholders. Its real-time dashboards keep you on top of critical business information, including project budget spend, billable percentage, overtime and employee capacity.

Protect team trust

Offering user-level privacy by design, Timely is a tracking tool that teams can actually trust. Every employee gets their own private work timeline and they control what information goes public. We will never support creepy surveillance functionality — your private work data is for your eyes only.

G2 users love Timely

Teams of all shape and sizes upgrade their time tracking with Timely to effortlessly capture and manage their time. But don't just take our word for it — see how independent G2 users rate Timely against WebWork Tracker.
Compare Timely and WebWork Tracker on G2

Timely trumps WebWork Tracker on these features

  • Ease of completing timesheets
  • Tracking time to projects/tasks
  • Performance and reliability
  • Integrations
  • Billable time rate management
  • Project accounting/revenue recognition

Timely is rated higher overall for:

  • Ease of setup
  • Ease of admin
  • Quality of support
  • Ease of doing business
Timely is a leader in Time Tracking on G2
Timely is a leader in Time Tracking on G2
Timely is a leader in Time Tracking on G2
Timely is a leader in Time Tracking on G2
Timely is a leader in Time Tracking on G2

Timely’s top features

Automatic Time Tracking

  • Automatic activity timeline
  • Automatic timesheets
  • Automatic reminders
  • GPS location tracking
  • Native integrations

Effortless reporting

  • Dynamic chart builder
  • Live client dashboards
  • CSV, XLS, PDF export
  • Project dashboards
  • Budget tracking
  • Flexible tags

Accounting and billing

  • Invoice integration
  • Hourly rates
  • Billable/Unbilled hours
  • Mark hours as "Billed"
  • Time entry history

Real-time visibility

  • People dashboard
  • Overtime
  • Individual capacity
  • Activity overview
  • Planning

10 minutes

Time spent on timesheets/week

< 5 minutes

Time taken to onboard users


Time tracking compliance

What people make of Timely

“I'm really liking Timely’s workflow and it is helping me capture absolutely every hour of my waking day so I can analyze how I spend my time and not miss any billable hours.”
Dan via Typeform
"For the first time ever, I logged as many billable hours as one of our highest producers at the agency. This tool paid for itself in a single day. The two-week trial was fantastic, and when I saw the trial was expired, my boss could not have pulled out her credit card any faster."
— Erika via Typeform
“Timely is simply the best tool for tracking time accurately while protecting individual user privacy. Everyone feels comfortable using the tool knowing that their data is kept private to them.”
— Praveen

Timely is trusted by over 5,000+ businesses worldwide

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