Customize your project tags 🏷

Customize your project tags

As part of our ongoing project to streamline tags, we’ve just released a new way to manage them across your project portfolio.  The whole idea is to make it easier to ensure people log project work to the right tags with minimal tag management and admin. To benefit from these changes, you may need to update your current tag lists.

What’s new?

Admins, Managers and Team Leads on all plans can now choose to allow “all”, “none” or a “select group” of workspace tags when editing or creating a project.

Any new tag list you add to your global Tags settings page will be automatically added to projects where “All tags” is selected. Likewise, their sub-tags (including any you add in future) will appear automatically.

You can also now archive redundant tags on your workspace from your Tags settings page! Whereas deleting a tag will wipe it from your entire workspace, archiving a tag will keep it tied to past logged entries and allow you to report on it.

👉 See our walkthrough guide on structuring and grouping tags

🚨 You may need to update your tag lists

Due to the technical changes of tag management, a minority of you may need to make a few changes to your workspace tags for reporting this month.

If you only have one big general tag list on your workspace, you will need to create several specific tag lists with sub-tags to benefit from this new release. Head to Settings > Tags to start creating new, project-specific tag lists and migrate sub-tags from your old tag list. Once created, you can then head to a project, click the “Select Tags” option, and choose the focused new tag list you wish to apply.

To ease reporting as you move from your old  to new tag system, you may want to update January 2021 time entries to link them to your new tag lists. You can quickly update time entry tags in bulk from Reports. Just select the entries you want to update and click the “Update tags” dropdown to get started.

Once you’re done, archive your old tag list to clean up your workspace — ⚠️ just don’t delete it. Deleting redundant tag lists will remove any sub-tags your team has applied to entries logged before January 2021. By archiving them, you can report fluidly across the new and old tag systems.

Note: To ensure you don’t omit any data as you switch to the new tags system, we recommend selecting tags from your new and old archived tag lists when reporting on project work in January.

👋🏾 We understand this process can be quite fiddly and want to make the transition to our new tags system as smooth and straightforward as possible. In case you have any questions or need any help, please don’t hesitate to ping us at

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