Send clients live reports

Need to update clients on your project activity? Instead of continually exporting and sending the same static report, you can now just share a link to a live report.

Live reports update upon refresh to show the latest available data – whether that’s planned hours, logged time or billed status. The reporting range, filters and widgets you set will stay the same.

Live reports also give you the option to include individual time entry details, for a more granular look at your activity. To include them, just select the checkbox before you publish your report.

If you prefer to stay in control of the data you share with stakeholders, you can still export a static report, which provides a fixed record for a particular point in time.

Live reports are currently only available on Unlimited plans.

Note: All existing and future shared reports will include the name and description of the report. To edit an existing snapshot report, you will need to revoke access, make the changes, publish and share the link again.