Assign employees an individual capacity

We’ve just added a new individual capacity feature to make it easier to manage varying weekly hours across your team. It’s especially useful for managing hours and overtime for external collaborators and part-time staff. 

Just click “Edit user” and scroll to the “Projects and hourly rates” section to assign an employee an individual weekly capacity. The individual capacity will override your workspace setting, which by default is set to 40 hours a week.

Note: this feature is only available on team plans

From the "All Users" tab in the People page, you can then monitor every employee’s logged hours and remaining capacity for the week. If your Timely plan includes the People Dashboard, you can head there too for a more historic overview: just hover on any work week to reveal the finer details.

We’ve also adjusted the “Missing hours” and “Overtime” filters on the People Dashboard, so you can now review your team’s logged hours as a percentage of each employee’s weekly capacity. It lets you easily spot who’s working too much and who hasn’t yet met their weekly total across all the working arrangements in your team.

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