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Time tracking for university staff

Last updated on
September 4, 2021

In academia, no two days are quite the same. Beside your own research, there’s teaching, marking, mentoring and research groups to think about. Academic work itself needs to be balanced with a whole sub-set of tasks, from grant writing and peer review, to press outreach and regular conference appearances. But keeping all this time accountable and proportional can involve excruciating effort. It’s precisely why we developed Timely – the first time tracking tool to automatically capture all the time faculty staff spend across projects and tasks as they work.

The time tracking tool for academic work

Timely was designed to track all your work without taking you away from it. It records all the time you spend in different desktop apps to visualize your entire work day – from time in Zoom meetings and emails, to documents, websites and work tools. You can even see how long you spend in different locations. Free from fiddly manual timers and unreliable data, you can focus fully on your work and manage your time when it actually suits you.

Get an accurate log of every work day

By automatically tracking the time you spend in every app and document, Timely provides a complete, objective account of your working day. Every detail of your work makes it to your private timeline – from time spent planning lectures to writing papers. It’s especially useful for surfacing overlooked work, like daily department communication and email management, as well as overrunning meetings. Just log activities to your daily timesheet to make them public to colleagues, or let Timely’s AI draft entires for you.

Track time across multiple projects

Timely’s tags let you group your tracked activity into tasks and set up projects to see how much time you spend on different types of work. Both help you gauge exactly where your time goes, and ensure you spend the right amount of time on each of your projects. You can even set time or money budgets to monitor your input on different projects; real-time dashboards then help you digest your progress at a glance.


Stick to your work hours

With so much going on, it’s easy for work/life boundaries to blur. But when you’re working from home and teaching remotely, it’s even worse. Adapting to the virtual space and quickly learning new technology – all while navigating your own family life from home – is a sure recipe for burnout. Timely’s People feature helps you stick to your capacity by visualizing how many hours you work each day. It also helps colleagues understand your workload, surfacing dangerous stretches of over-working – helping everyone stay visible and in touch to offer support.

Keep an intelligent schedule

Timely’s intuitive calendar interface makes it easy to plan and schedule your working week, as well as review what you end up doing. It’s ideal for time boxing different tasks and protecting time for uninterrupted deep work – you can even use your private activity history to work out how much time to allocate to different pieces of work. Outlook and Google Calendar integrations will automatically import all your meetings and events, so you never double book yourself. Whenever you need to schedule collaboration, head to the Planning tool to visualize and sync with colleague calendars.

Work naturally

Timely was designed to end the frustration and inefficiency of traditional manual time tracking. As such, you don’t need to constantly interrupt your work to manage timers or take notes – Timely remembers everything for you. With apps for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, you can also manage your time fluidly as you move between different devices. If you regularly travel for work, check out the mobile GPS tracker so you can accurately capture all the time you spend travelling and at events.

Why faculty staff love Timely

Timely is used by academic staff across the research spectrum – from early career post-docs through to tenured professors – to enable good time management, support productivity and protect a healthy work/life balance. Here’s what just a few from Timely’s academic community had to say about the tool:

I work on a lot of different projects, and I really needed something to track my time on all of them in addition to my teaching. Timely is the best tool yet that I have found.

– Marianne, researcher
I was looking for automated tracking with minimal input from my side. I love that Timely logs all of my activity automatically; it’s really helpful for assigning tasks to projects and gaining insight into where my time goes.

– Claudia, part-time researcher
I track my time to help balance my time across my important projects, week to week. Timely’s weekly project distribution show me that everything *did* get the right attention.  A helpful tool for productivity and mindfulness, that helps keep balance in the week.

– Sarah, history professor
The automatic Memory feature is excellent, and the UI is very intuitive and pleasing. I especially like that I can plan my agenda ahead.

– Rian, PhD researcher
I easily lose track of the time I spend teaching, but Timely helps me make sure I’m not over-working. I love the intelligent automatic approach – manual timers are just stressful and I always forget them.

– Aline, professor
Timely is really helpful for tracking my productivity and proving my hours to my employer.

– Eric, post-doctoral researcher
I use Timely with my team to ensure for work/life balance and to make sure I hit a certain amount of hours on a specific project. It’s extremely quick and convenient.

– Stephen, professor
I teach alongside my research projects, and find Timely very useful for my own project management. Its awesome visuals make it easy to see what I worked on when, including time spent on project management and tasks.

– Abigail, assistant professor
As a professor with ADHD and chronic fatigue, it's critical I make smart decisions about how to use my time. I want to know how much time I'm spending on different teaching and research tasks so that when I'm planning my classes I can make choices that support student learning *and* won't run me dry.

– Amy, professor

Try Timely for yourself

We’d love to know how Timely works for your faculty. Trial the full app by yourself or with your team and let us know what you think. If there’s a specific functionality that could really supercharge your time management, send a feature request to support@timelyapp.com – we’ll try and prioritize it for you!

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