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Time tracking for teachers

Last updated on
September 4, 2021

Keeping on top of everything that goes into your teaching can be a struggle of the best of times – especially when you get paid by the hour. Yet so many time require fiddly manual input, which eats into your productive time and produces an approximate account of your day. It’s precisely why we developed Timely – the first time tracking app to automatically track all your work activity in the background for you.

The time tracking app for teachers

Timely helps you make sense of all your teaching time without interrupting it. It automatically captures all the time you spend on work activities in the background for you – from meetings and classes, to marking assignments, preparing work and planning lectures. Ready-made dashboards and reports then help you analyze what you did. There are no intrusive manual timers or notes to worry about; just focus fully on your work and manage time when it actually suits you.

Get an automatic record of all your work

Timely automatically captures everything that goes into your teaching – from actual lesson time to the preparation, marking, meetings, training and communication that happens outside of it. It provides a flawless digital timeline of each work day, and completely removes dependence on fiddly and inaccurate manual timers or analogue methods.

💰 Invoice accurately for all your hours

Whether you’re a tutor or lecturer charging by the session, or need to send a monthly time sheet to your institution, Timely makes it easy to bill accurately for all your work. With an objective automatic record of all your hours, even commonly overlooked billable time spent on email, meetings and colleague communication make it to your invoice. Timely actually uses AI to draft accurate daily time sheets for you, saving you the effort.

🔥 Protect yourself from burnout

As a teacher, it’s dangerously easy to slip into overtime – a problem that the sudden shift to virtual learning will only exacerbate. The need to quickly learn new technology, adapt materials, support and teaching to online environments, and establish new ways of working will cause workloads to sky rocket. Timely provides visibility through the chaos, breaking down staff hours and capacity in one global view. It’s essential for staying in control of how much you work each day and highlighting where you overwork.

📅 Structure and organize your week

Timely provides one intuitive space for structuring your schedule – helping you see how long different tasks take and stick to your priorities. Real-time dashboards and reports visualize how you spent effort across different projects. The Planning tool then lets you sync with colleague calendars and time box tasks for the week ahead. Using automatic tracking, you can then see how you actually perform against your plan and continually refine your processes.

Why teaching staff love Timely

Timely is the time tracking tool of choice for tutors, professors and instructors seeking accuracy with minimal effort. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what Timely’s teaching community makes of the tool:

“I run research projects as well as teaching students. Timely’s awesome visuals make it easy to see what you were working on when.”
– Abigail, assistant university professor
“I was spending far too much time tracking all my tutoring hours every month in a Google spreadsheet. Timely makes it efficient and easy; it’s the best app out there for tracking time.”
– Sungbae, private tutor
“I easily lose track of the time I spend working and find manual timers stressful. I love the intelligent way Timely works – it helps me stick to my hours so I don’t over work.”
– Aline, teacher
“Timely’s a great tool for productivity and mindfulness that helps keep balance in the week. Seeing the distribution of my time helps me ensure all important projects get the right attention, week to week.”
– Sarah, history professor
“Timely shows me how much time I'm spending on different teaching and research tasks, so I can make choices that support student learning and won't run me dry when I'm planning my classes.”
– Amy, physics professor
“I really need this tool. I work on a lot of different projects – reading lots of research articles, collecting data and interviews, writing articles and teaching students. Timely tracks all the time I spend on those for me; it’s the best tool that I have found.”
– Marianne, university researcher and professor
“Great if you’re looking for an automated process to track work tasks.”
– Michael, community college instructor

Try Timely for yourself

We’d love to know how Timely works for you. Trial the entire app for free and let us know what you think. While we can’t develop our software for free, we do offer universities, colleges and schools special discounts, so do get in touch if you think your institution could benefit staff and students with automatic time tracking.

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