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Time tracking for small businesses

Last updated on
September 4, 2021

While making good use of time is crucial to staying profitable, for small businesses it’s a basic matter of survival. So, you shouldn’t have to waste any productive time tracking and processing where it goes. It’s exactly why we designed Timely – the first time tracking tool that automatically tracks how your small business actually spends its time in the background while you work.

The small business tracking tool

Timely captures every tool you use for work – from calendar events, phone calls, emails, documents, websites and your favourite work apps – and uses AI to translate it all into fully accurate time sheets. You can control, manage and bill time from one place without compromising your own productivity.

Available on every device you work with

📙A complete log of all business time

In contrast to most other time trackers, Timely works automatically. It records all the time you spend in desktop and web apps every day, and can even capture time spent on mobile calls and GPS locations. You get a the full picture of your working day, with a completely accurate and dependable record of business time data at your disposal. Everything is collected and fed into action-focused dashboards for you, so you can make data-informed decisions without digging for information. No timers, no interrupting your day to log information – you no longer have to consciously track time again!

💰Invoice accurately for work

With an accurate account of time data, you can bill honestly for all your work. Timely captures all your billable hours – even the hidden ones manual time tracking often overlooks, like the time spent on emails, out-of-hours work, client calls and overrunning meetings. No details are left behind or misrepresented – you can even let our AI create time sheets for you, so you can get back to actual productive work! Lead all client relationships from a position of total transparency and accountability, with simple custom reports which show clients exactly how you spent your monthly budget in granular detail.

🔨Control your non-billable efforts

As a small business, managing non-billable time is just as important as billable time. There’s a ton of work that goes into growing and sustaining your business, and staying relevant in a constantly changing marketplace. By capturing everything you get up to, Timely lets you keep an eye on the time you spend on essential “unbillables” like pitches, proposal writing, internal communications, bookkeeping, invoicing, networking and training. Our intelligent tag system lets you quickly categorize your activities to any grade of detail that you want – and you can even review your activity down to the time you spent on specific emails. It’s essential for quantifying the true cost of all non-billable work and keeping a healthy balance.

☔️Run watertight projects

When your resources are tight, you need to make sure you use them to maximum effect – running projects as efficiently as possible and only taking on work that’s actually worth your time. With real-time budget tracking, activity breakdowns across all your projects and an account of all the time you spend on each project task and phase, Timely helps you proactively manage projects to stay on-track and on-budget. By knowing exactly all the tasks and effort that goes into specific projects, you are better placed to choose the most profitable project rate – and you can estimate future work with confidence, knowing you only take on work that guarantees a good return.

🏃🏽‍♀️Increase your business’ productivity

By seeing exactly how your business spends its time, Timely helps you identify where you can improve your performance. Review individual task lengths to understand where certain work takes you too long, and understand your own work processes to uncover where you get distracted. With a full overview, you can identify time drains, inefficient processes, broken workflows and capacity limitations. It’s super helpful for helping you know where you might need to outsource work, invest in new tools, hire additional help, fix processes or revisit your own expectations.


Why small businesses love Timely

Whether just starting out or launching a new venture, innovators from every industry use Timely to manage and develop their small businesses – from business coaches, engineers and marketers, to designers, developers and dentists. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

“Simple, powerful, well-designed and -executed modern time tracking.”

Maxime, creative web agency
“Timely makes it easy to log hours for billable and non-billable projects – I literally do it on the way back from a client off of my iPhone.”

Mike, management consultancy
“A modern time tracking app with solid integrations. We use it to improve project management, and it still has the best UI I've seen for all time tracking tools on the market.”

– Dan, QA
“We needed a simple way to track our work hours for our small business. Timely makes this easy, saves time and helps us get an overview over time spent (and time left) on different projects. It’s so easy to use.”

– Mari, architecture design firm
“Timely is the best way to really know where your performance bottlenecks are.”

Raphael, CRM agency
“We used Toggl and Teamweek prior to Timely, but switched for better ways to plan and measure employees’ time.”

Andre, brand and design
“The best app available to track hours, manage projects and report. It’s intuitive, colourful and somehow even fun to use!”

Flora, communications and PR
“We work and bill by the hours, so we need a clean and simple tool for logging hours and exporting timesheets for clients. It needs to be super-easy to use every day, otherwise people just won’t use it. Timely offers just that – easy and user-friendly time logging.”

Kristin, UX
“Our time tracking was so time consuming and we often missed out hours. With the Memory feature, Timely makes it so easy for us to track all our work as soon as it happens!”

Gaby, non-profit

Try Timely for your business

We’d love to know how Timely works for your business. Trial the full app free for free and let us know what you think. If there’s a specific functionality that could really supercharge everyday business and insight management, send a feature request to support@timelyapp.com and we’ll push it up our development list!

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