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Time tracking for engineers

Last updated on
September 4, 2021

Time tracking is an essential practice for every engineer – not just those who bill by the hour. You can’t improve project estimations or build more efficient workflows without it. But few have the capacity or cognitive energy to do it accurately. It’s precisely why we developed Timely – the first time tracking tool to automatically capture all the time you spend across multiple projects and clients while you work.

The time tracking tool for engineers

Timely captures the minutiae of an engineer’s day without ever interrupting them. By tracking the time you spend across every desktop app, you can essentially map out your entire work day – from time spent on client communication, off-site across different GPS locations, or in a flow state (down to the websites, tools and documents you used). AI-powered time sheets, real-time project dashboards and quick reporting then allow you to explore your time data without compromising your own productivity.

Available on every device you work with

💰 Invoice for all your work

By tracking all your time automatically as you work and creating fully representative time sheets for you, Timely makes sure no detail is left behind or misrepresented. It sets a new standard for accurate invoicing, and ensures businesses actually get paid for all billable work. Employees can review their time data down to the app they were using, to ensure all project work is accounted for and billed appropriately; even commonly overlooked activities like internal team communication, meetings and email.

🤖 Automate unproductive admin

Automation exists to remove the irritating tasks that take you away from what matters most. Automatic time tracking is no different: you don’t have to interrupt your flow to stop a timer or manually note down what you’ve been doing. You don’t even have to spend time putting your time sheet together if you don’t want to – Timely’s AI can actually work out what you were doing for you! By tracking and processing everything automatically, you can completely forget about time tracking and get back to the job you were actually hired to do. As a happy consequence, reduce overhead in the process!

⚙️ Improve process and productivity

You can’t improve your productive performance without knowing how you perform in the first place. By laying out every detail of your day, Timely offers a ton of behavioral and operational insight. By identifying inefficient workflows, interruptions, capacity limitations and personal distractions, you can actually introduce effective change to improve your productivity. It’s super helpful for showing where you might need to outsource work, invest in new tools, hire additional help, change processes or revisit your own expectations.

📈 See real-time project performance

As an engineer, projects are rarely neat and contained. Deliveries run months into the future, clients are quick to change their minds, and the sheer of people involved puts the best laid plans under serious stress. So, real-time project dashboards offer a huge advantage. In Timely, you can see exactly how you’re spending your project budget, what people are working on and how long each task is taking – all essential for containing scope creep and staying on-track. Custom notifications inform you on key milestones, so you don’t need to constantly be inside the tool to stay in control.

🎯 Improve project estimates

Once you know exactly how long different tasks and project phases tend to take you, you can set more realistic estimates for future work. That means being able to set more competitive project deadlines, agree profitable fixed rates which cover all project costs, and know what clients and projects are actually worth your time. With an accurate history of project time, you know your productive benchmarks and only take on projects that deliver.


👷🏼 Capture mobile work

Timely was built for the active engineer lifestyle. Client meetings, site visits, supplier coordination, mobile calls and travel – all the work that happens away from your desk can all be captured. And Timely itself is accessible on web, desktop, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch, so you can manage your time on-the-go. Expect a fully native app, whether you prefer Android to iOS or Mac to Windows.


Why engineers love Timely

Firm-based and independent engineers alike outsource their project time management to Timely. From accurate invoicing to effortless project management, there are a ton of reasons why automatic time tracking makes sense. Here are just a few from Timely’s engineering community:

“I like that Timely is so easy to use and has a friendly modern design. By automatically tracking all of my computer work and GPS locations, I never miss out on a minute.” – Michael
“Timely is a time saver – it really reflects where I spend my time each day and is helping to prioritize time more wisely. Great for tracking your daily activities and project efficiency.” – Cathie
“Even though I've tried a lot of different time tracking apps, I've never seen anything like this. Timely can automatically track and tag work to different projects for me, and I really like how easy that process is. It's perfect for me.” – Derek
“Time management is my Achilles heel, but Timely makes it so simple. It gives me a great overview of how I spend my time and helps me identify time thieves.” – Jon
“A functional, simple solution to time tracking. It’s an intelligent time tracking system that you train to fit your needs.” – David
“A no-brainer if you want a clear breakdown of how you spend time with minimal interactions. It’s my time vaccum/sorter.” – Anon
“I found Timely when looking for a method to track how much time I was spending in certain categories at work, to help develop a standard work check list for leaders. I’ve stuck with it ever since!” – Sage
“I needed a time tracking service that didn’t cost me extra time. As someone with a passion in automation and efficiency, for me Timely is the best time tracking app out there.” – Antonio
“I use Timely to analyze and improve my personal productivity. Its simplicity, CSV exports and multi-platform access (I use MacOS, Windows and iOS) are a huge plus.” – Aleksey
“I wanted something smart enough to give me visibility into lost and wasted time. I also had an issue where I needed to prove my time to an auditor, and Timely’s archive had my back.” – Kyle
“Timely is a modern time tracking app with solid integrations (especially if you’re interested in understanding project management, like me). Of all the time tracking tools I’ve seen on the market, it still has the best UI.” – Dan
“A nice, cross-platform time tracker for projects, with a slick interface and reporting system. Particularly useful for making weekly time reports. Integrates well across PC, Mac and iOS platforms.” – Gunnar

Try Timely for yourself

We’d love to know how Timely works for you. Trial the full app for free and let us know what you think. If there’s a specific functionality that could really supercharge your productivity and operational analysis, send a feature request to support@timelyapp.com and we’ll push it up our development list!

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