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May 18, 2018

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Yes – despite working in highly obtuse and irregular creative flows, developers can get a ton out of tracking their time. Even if you don’t bill for your time, time tracking is an essential tool for managing and mastering your own productivity. By making the entire process automatic, Timely is the time tracking app of choice for developers looking to gain control over their time with minimal effort.

The time tracking app for developers

Timely was designed to track all the time you spend on work without taking you away from it. By using AI to understand how you spend your time, it’s the only time tracking app to offer full end-to-end automation – meaning you never have to track, log or create a timesheet of your work ever again.

Timely for Apple

Available on every device you work with

Tracks all development work automatically ⚒

A developer’s day can involve anything from coding, debugging, firefighting, problem solving and researching – a minefield of task switching and being pulled in multiple directions. By tracking everything you work on automatically, Timely can make sense of it for you. It tracks the time you spend in every editor by default – whether you use Sublime, Vim, JS Bin, CodePen or PHPStorm – and logs your daily Git commits. It integrates with task management tools like Clubhouse and Basecamp, and can even show you how long you spend on email, communicating on Slack, learning new skills, working on different files and developing personal projects.


Creates accurate timesheets for billing 💵

By automatically tracking everything you work on, Timely is able to capture all your billable hours. Its AI then translates all that tracked work into highly accurate timesheets by itself. Why? So you always have accurate records for billing and analyzing your business, and spend less time invoicing. Timely's granularity lets you run a more transparent and accountable business; a staple of productive long-term client relationships.

Hours accurate-timesheets@2x

Provides insights for proactive time management 🔍

By breaking down everything you do, Timely provides a starting point to effecively address productivity, efficiency and profitability. You can see exactly how long you spend on different projects, how much you’ve earned, where you get distracted, how much budget you’ve used for any given project, how long you spend travelling and how you’re performing against your weekly capacity. These insights are essential for addressing bottlenecks, streamlining workflows and improving essential processes.


Lets you get back to work 👩🏻‍💻

Timely is designed to never interrupt your flow. You don’t have to manually set timers or write anything down; it captures everything for you and uses AI to draft your timesheet. Project dashboards give you quick performance breakdowns, so you don’t have to dig for any crucial information. Since Timely integrates with every web and desktop app you use, you don’t have to spend time setting it up. Its super intuitive UI also means there’s no huge learning curve involved to just start using it.


Simplifies communication and reporting 📈

Timely’s reports and dashboards reduce the amount of time developers spend on essential communication. Whether you work with remote colleagues, need to align with contractors, or want to quickly update clients, Timely provides one place for managing all your performance information. Project dashboards let you track and control all project activity, and customized reporting helps you share insights beautifully without any extra effort.


Tracks all your overtime ⏰

Overtime is an unfortunate fact of developer life. By running constantly in the background, Timely makes sure every second is accounted for – whether you bill for it or simply want to analyze your working patterns. Note: right now, Timely can only track active work across your devices. Sadly we can’t yet document your own internal brain maze when you’re incubating on a problem outside of work. We’ll get there 😎.


Why developers love Timely

Whether you’re an established freelance developer, work with a ton of clients in an agency, build in small teams, code remotely or are just branching into consulting, Timely has your back. A ton of web, app and software developers choose Timely to supercharge their productive time, and here’s what a few of them have to say:

“Between bugs and task switching, a lot of my time was going unaccounted for. Timely lets me keep track of more of my time with far less effort.” – Samuel, agency-based developer

“I use Timely to keep within the 8 hours for my full-time work and track those spent on side projects.” – Tammi, in-house web developer

“Timely removes the stress of time reporting and allows me to focus 100% on my job. It’s a massive productivity and motivational boost.” – Peter, freelance web developer

“Timely’s custom reporting eliminates a bunch of time that I previously spent collating information for retainer clients.” – Kevin, developer, business owner & remote manager

“I’m not freelance – I just wanted to meter my workday to improve my productivity. Would recommend Timely to any developer looking to do the same.” – Evey, software developer in a small team

“Before Timely, I found myself working unpaid overtime and not focusing on my main tasks during the day.” – Mathieu, freelance software developer

Code Timely your way

We’d love to know how Timely works for you. Trial the full app for free for 30 days and hack around with our API to make your own personal app integrations. If you make a super awesome integration that could help others, let us know and we’ll build it into Timely for others to enjoy!

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