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July 20, 2018

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Whether you work independently or as part of a firm, successful consultancy depends on accurate, reliable time reporting. But achieving that shouldn’t come at the cost of your own efficiency (or sanity). It’s precisely why we developed Timely – the first time tracking tool to capture all the time you spend across multiple clients and projects automatically in the background while you work.

The time tracking tool for consultants

Timely automatically captures all you work activities across web and desktop, as well as tracking GPS location. It’s designed with work mobility in mind, letting you track project budgets and control your time across all devices, wherever your consulting takes you. Track, report and bill for all clients and projects from one place.

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An accurate account of all your time ⏰

By tracking all your time automatically as you work, Timely makes sure no detail is left behind or forgotten. In a few clicks, you can transform your tracked entries into fully representative project or client timesheets. It sets a new standard for accurate invoicing, and ensures you actually get paid for all your billable work. It’s also pretty handy for firm-based consultants whose bonuses and performance evaluations depend on accurate utilization targets based on hours worked.


Helps you estimate with confidence 🎯

Even if you don’t charge by the hour, you need to know how you spend your time in order to estimate fixed-price work and retainers which guarantee a profitable return. Timely lets you tag and track specific project phases, so you can analyze similar past projects in huge detail and set accurate estimates for new business.


Enables real-time budget tracking 💵

Whether you’re interested in time, money or both, Timely helps you stay on top of retainers and internal budgets from one powerful dashboard. Monitor where you spend client time and how much of your project budgets remain without digging for any information. Firms can get a real-time look at project performance across all their consultants, allowing them to guide healthy and profitable project deliveries.


Fits naturally into your workflow 🏄🏽‍♀️

With Timely, you can forget about timers completely. By tracking time for you automatically, you can get back to work that’s actually productive. Interact with the tool as little or as much as you like – whatever works best for your own flow. Since everything is captured while you work, you don’t have to continuously interrupt your day logging hours before you forget them. You don't even have to waste time creating a timehseet either - get AI to do it!


Provides detailed reports for full transparency 📊

Whether you’re a management consultant or branding expert, communicating your unique understanding of a client’s business requires detail. Timely lets you create and send clean custom reports which itemize your time for specific projects. It’s a brilliant way to prove your value, showing clients exactly how you’re focusing your efforts whilst leading from a position of accountability. It’s also pretty handy for sending quick timesheets and project updates to senior management.


Helps you improve efficiency and productivity 💪🏼

Timely puts consultants in a position of complete time control and awareness. By knowing exactly how you spend your time, you’re in a powerful position to get more value from it. See how long tasks take you, where you get distracted, where you waste time, where internal time goes and how you perform against your forecasts – then optimize them and track it all again. Many consultants also find the visualization of their efficiency to be a huge productivity booster: seeing the timeline bar moving through the day helps lock focus and ensure every second is accountable.


Designed for mobile work ✈️

Timely was designed with the active consultant lifestyle in mind. The app is available on all devices – Mac, Windows, iOS and Android – so you can move seamlessly between your laptop, phone and tablet, wherever work takes you. In addition to web and desktop apps, it can log client call durations and track your GPS location on your mobile: ideal for capturing travel, meetings, site visits, events and conferences.


Why consultants love Timely

Consultants from all industries and operational backgrounds – solo and firm-based specialists as well as casual part-timers – choose Timely for accurate, pain-free time tracking. From billing honestly and estimating with certainty, to just wanting to improve personal productivity, here’s why time-smart consultants choose to partner with Timely:

Firm-based consultants

“Timley is a great way to track daily activities without writing anything down! And the GPS tracker helps remind me where I’ve been.” – Clayton, engineering consultant

“Automatic time tracking is huge for me! I was really struggling to add up my daily hours in Toggl, and find Timely to be much more user-friendly.” – Anissa, clean energy consultant

“My firm’s time tracking tools are cumbersome and lack basic integrations. With Timely, I can track work down to the applications used and easily plan time for future weeks.” – Brandon, software consultant

“Timely makes it so much easier to plan my week, track time for each task, and then click a button for monthly invoicing.” – Nicole, construction consultant

Independent consultants

"Timely doesn't just track my time; it also encourages me to plan in advance, helps me track budget spend and really simplifies client reporting. It’s saved me time and heartache!" – Ashley, humanitarian consultant

“Timely helps me prove how productive I am to my clients.” – Jacob, IT consultant

“An amazing tool for tracking working hours and comparing budget estimations against the real costs.” – Guilherme, marketing consultant

“I charge jobs by the hour and found myself just guessing totals. Timely may well double my income and helps me prove to clients why I am now charging more.” – Anthony, town planning consultant

“Since I began using it, Timely has kept me focused, on-track and accountable for everything I do each day. I love the ability to track whatever I do!” – Abigail, marketing consultant

“I started using Timely for my consultancy work, but have started using it for close to everything I value in life. It’s just the best way to plan and track your valuable time.” – Jens, public sector consultant

Try Timely for yourself

We’d love to know how Timely works for your consultancy work. Trial the entire app free for 30 days and let us know what you think. If there’s a specific functionality that could really supercharge your reporting or productivity, send a feature request to support@timelyapp.com – we’ll try and prioritize it for you!

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