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The top 5 calendar software for effortless team coordination

Last updated on
September 4, 2021

Coordinating team schedules can be a pain at the best of times, but when your colleagues are working remotely – potentially spread over different countries and time zones – the challenge takes on a whole new level. As the primary tool for organizing team time and meetings, calendar software is essential to success. But with a multitude of free and paid tools to choose from, finding the right one can be a minefield.

What makes great calendar software?

The best calendar software isn’t just easy to use; it involves as little admin as possible, is flexible enough to handle changes of plan, and allows teams to connect intelligently in a way that respects everyone’s time. Most of us know about Google Calendar and Outlook, but there are more tactile, sophisticated calendar apps out there that make smart scheduling a breeze. Here are our top five calendar software for effortless team coordination.

1. Dewo – calendar software built for deep work

Good calendar software minimizes scheduling admin; great calendar software makes your scheduling smarter. As a “reinvention of the calendar for deep work”, Dewo prides itself on the latter. Leveraging artificial intelligence, it automates team scheduling and finds the perfect collaboration time for you. By “perfect” it means the time with the smallest cost to all participant productivity; it doesn’t just book the first empty calendar space it sees, but considers the breadth of your schedule to protect more space for long, undisturbed working. It also centralizes all communication around meetings, letting teams chat and share files tied to an event from one space. Outside of collaboration time, Dewo helps you maximize your focus time by automatically blocking the distracting notifications that interrupt it. Popular among busy teams and executives, Dewo is a choice calendar software for those looking to reclaim space and focus for the work that matters.

Price: Free (currently in beta)

2. Calendly – fuss-free meeting scheduling

Calendly is an automated scheduling tool that allows you to plan meetings without any of the long-winded email back-and-forth. All you need to do is set your own availability and the tool will create a personalized calendar that your teammates can access. From there, people can choose a meeting time based on the most suitable availability. Another perk of Calendly is its team scheduling capabilities: each team member has their own scheduling page which highlights their availability  –and because you can see everyone’s availability on one page, you can easily select the team members that you need and find a time when everyone’s free. You can even use it to set up meetings with people outside of your company, which means Calendly is also useful for scheduling larger meetings, training sessions and interviews, as well as smaller team meetings and catch-ups.

Price: $8/month for first team plan (Premium)

3. Teamup – simple team schedule management

Teamup isn’t a personal calendar for you to manage your own schedule – rather, it’s calendar software that’s designed specifically for teams. It doesn’t offer you the simple scheduling abilities of Dewo or Calendly, but its shared schedule management abilities are second to none. Teamup calendars are easy to use and organize by color, and they make it exceptionally easy to avoid scheduling conflicts, streamline communication, keep clear records, optimize resources and delegate tasks. All you need to do is create a calendar, add users, and give them access to your calendar by sending them a link. From here, it becomes infinitely easier for teams to intelligently manage their shared time and resources. Another perk of Teamup is its flexibility: you can customize access permissions for different users, and choose from between 10 different calendar views, making it simpler than ever for teams to organize their views based on their current calendar needs.

Price: Free plan for small teams, with more complex plans starting at $8/month

4. Asana – calendars to support project management

Though Asana is mostly known as a project management app, it also offers a variety of calendar features that make group communication and the planning of team projects pretty effortless. The Asana shared calendars allow each team member to see who’s working on what, and when different tasks need to be done, and because everything is in one place – from task management to communication to scheduling – you don’t have to jump around from app to app. Plus, because you can view all team projects, tasks and due dates in a calendar format, no important deadlines will slip through the net. The shared calendar even has drag-and-drop abilities, so you can switch up due dates and edit timelines as they evolve without any hassle.

Price: Free plan for individuals, team plans start at $13/month

5. Trello – deadline management calendar software

Just like Asana, Trello is known mainly as a nifty project management tool – but it’s also a great way for remote teams to keep tabs of different tasks and projects and stay in the loop. Many teams already use Trello as a kind of digital to-do board without realizing that they can assign due dates to each card and use it as a shared calendar, too. Once you enable Trello’s calendar option, you can visualize all tasks and projects in a calendar layout, allowing you to easily manage deadlines, keep track of personal goals, assign work, and chat and collaborate with teammates with ease. If you want more detail on a project or task, simply click the card and the details will pop up – meaning there’s no need to move to other apps or dig through emails for more detail. Plus, you can easily flip between monthly view and weekly view, change due dates with a simple drag-and-drop, and get alerts when a project’s deadline is approaching.

Price: Free for basic plan, with more complex plans starting at $10/month
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