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The 7 best gmail add-ons for more productive work

Last updated on 
January 3, 2020

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Gmail is by far and away the most popular email service in the world. With almost 1.5 billion people logging on each month, its easy-to-use interface is both familiar and effective. But email itself is still a huge productive sinkhole. Thankfully, there are a ton of Gmail add-ons you can use to work more productively – whether that means prioritizing your workload, or automatically tracking how long you spend on client emails. Here are seven of our favorite gmail add-ons for more productive work.


Gmelius transforms your Gmail and G Suite inbox into your company’s workspace. Built for teams, it integrates a range of collaboration and workflow automation tools directly into your inbox – think shared inboxes and labels, automated email sequences, email notes, kanban boards and more. And the real-time syncing across all members and all devices means you can manage projects and clients without leaving your inbox. Particularly popular with medium-sized teams, it’s no wonder that it’s been voted the #1 Gmail App of 2019.


If you’re wondering how much time you really spend on email, download Timely. It integrates with Gmail to give you full visibility of where your time goes, down to the specific email you were working on. If you bill for client communication, it’s a no-brainer, since time spent on email rarely makes it to your time sheet. But it also makes a great deal of sense for managing internal communications and general operational efficiency too. You don’t have to click on a timer whenever you open Gmail; Timely’s automatically tracking your active time hands-free in the background. It’s all laid out beautifully for you to see in your private timeline – you’ll never miss a billable detail again!


The rising popularity of remote working has meant that video conferences are becoming increasingly prevalent, and luckily, it’s easier than ever to have a successful conference without impinging on your productive work. Zoom for Gmail makes it incredibly simple to video conference someone you’re emailing – you don’t even have to switch between apps! With instant sharing of files, clear audio and advanced scheduling abilities, the Zoom add-on also makes it a breeze to host meeting and webinars. Make back and forth emails a thing of the past with a seamless video call that can save hours.


Most of us are already familiar with Dropbox, but its Gmail add on makes it that bit more useful – and subsequently, us that bit more productive! It’s all too easy to waste time downloading documents, only to have to re-upload them in order to send them, but with this sleek, super-smart add-on you can easily share files and links directly to the cloud – without ever having to send them. Plus, you can edit and amend documents which are then saved automatically, instantly share links with colleagues, and have instant access to all your cloud storage – from your inbox! The subtle design is incorporated into your Gmail homepage, so you don’t have to open a new window to access the above.


Almost all companies these days send emails to people they don’t know – or, alternatively, are on the receiving end of them. Forget wasting hours trying to track down email addresses; Clearbit saves you huge amounts of time by providing the correct contact details from the very start, ensuring your messages are sent to the right person without you ever having to leave your inbox. When an email from a stranger is delivered, it even provides you with useful information about the person themselves and their company in its handy sidebar. You’ll never have to hunt for an email address again!


Trello is used all over the world to make project management more productive, and now the Gmail add-on allows you to keep on top of tasks and manage your to-do list without ever leaving your inbox. With one quick click you can send all the contents of an email over to your Trello board – and you can then choose to keep this information to yourself or share it with your team. The Gmail add-on makes collaboration quicker and easier, too; you can instantly share files and links, create lists, add notes, comments and due dates, and give others the power to access and amend documents and folders.


If you’re a fan of the drag-and-drop boards used by popular productivity tools like Trello, then checkout Drag. Most of us frequently use email to stay on top of different tasks and manage our to-do lists, and the Drag add on makes it that bit easier. It turns your Gmail into a visual pinboard with three separate columns, allowing you to manage your inbox by dragging and dropping emails, adding due dates, checklists, comments and notes. Drag solo is popular with individuals, but if you work in a team you can also make use of its shared inbox and team chat capabilities.

Statistically, you spend 23% of your day on email. Let’s cut that down – for good.

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Keep your team ticking

Timely automatically tracks team hours, activity
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Lead happier, healthier teams.

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