We're looking for 35 new people

Memory is not your average Norwegian company. We work tirelessly because we have a need build something bigger than ourselves. To create something important. Just like you want to. You know who you are. Now we're after people just like you.

Stock Options

Everyone should take part in the success we're building together, so we offer all employees stock options in addition to their salary.

Work remote (or from Oslo)

You know best where you're productive. Work from our office in Oslo, or anywhere else in the world. We just want the best people.

Skilled Employees

We don't just hire anyone, we hire the best people we can find. We enjoy working with skilled colleagues and so should you.

Direct influence

We value ideas over titles, and you are very much encouraged to directly influence where this company goes on any matter and on what we build.

Flexible hours

We hire great people to do great work, not to babysit them. You know when you're the most productive. Create a schedule that fits your style.

Flexible vacation policy

Your work will be valued in quality, not time. That means as long as you do great work, you can take as much vacation as you want.

Move to Norway

Free healthcare, free public education, stunning nature and a fluent English-speaking population. You'll love it. And did we mention it's been named the happiest place on earth on several occasions?

Help with relocation

Considering moving to Norway? We'll help you find a place and cover up to $1000 in moving costs.





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