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Office 365 time tracker

Connect Timely’s Office 365 integration to automatically import events and meetings into Timely.

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Connect multiple Office 365 Calendar accounts

Timely can automatically import Office 365 Calendar events to your private timeline to save you manual effort. Simply connect your email account and select the calendars you want to integrate with Timely. You can choose to import multiple calendars linked to the same account, too.

See all your Office 365 Calendar events in Timely

Once connected, Timely will automatically import all calendar events for the last 30 days — and three days into the future — into your private Memory timeline. Any subsequent changes you make to these events in your Office 365 Calendar will also automatically update in Timely. As a one-way integration, changes you make to events in Timely will never be sent back.

Log all time spent in meetings to your timesheet

Just click on an imported Office 365 Calendar event to log it to your public timesheet to log them, assigning it to a project and adding tags so you can report on your activity. For supreme timesheet accuracy, download our Memory app to automatically track every minute you spend in meetings and events.

Visualize your communication drain

Use Timely’s simple chart builder to analyze and report on your event activity. Great for understanding how much project time is spent on meetings, quantifying your internal communication drain, and identifying clients that require the most support.

Track time in every tool with one integration

Timely’s Memory app is the only integration you need to track work automatically. No timers, no notes, no interruptions — Memory captures all the time you spend in web and desktop apps in the background for you.

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