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GitHub time tracker

Connect Timely’s GitHub integration to automatically capture the time you spend on software development.

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Connect your GitHub account to Timely

Timely can automatically track all the time you spend in GitHub. Simply connect your GitHub account with Timely and accept the permissions.

Review your GitHub time tracker activity

Time spent in GitHub will then appear on your private Memory timeline inside Timely throughout the day. Each GitHub activity — or “memory” — will detail all the commits you made from public repositories and the private repositories you own or manage. This includes time spent pushing commits, commenting on pull requests and issues, reviewing comments, creating branches or tags, and opening, updating or closing pull requests.

Log time spent in GitHub to your timesheet

Just drag GitHub memories to your public timesheet to log them — or get Timely’s AI to draft time entries for you. Add projects and tags to your time entries so you can report on your activity.

Visualize your productivity

Use Timely’s simple chart builder to analyze and report on your GitHub activity. Great for understanding where project time is spent, managing the efficiency of your workflows, and identifying your most time-intensive tasks.

Track time in every tool with one integration

Timely’s Memory app is the only integration you need to track work automatically. No timers, no notes, no interruptions — Memory captures all the time you spend in web and desktop apps in the background for you.

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