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How smart can artificial intelligence make us?

Memory consists of 21 people and we're on the hunt for 20 new colleagues to help answer that question.

The human race has come far. The industrial revolution gave us many things, but the real explosion in wealth and innovation started when we found out how to collaborate at scale over mass communication.

But what will the next explosion look like? Biology limits us from scaling communication again. We produce way more information than any of us can comprehend, and human communication is very inefficient compared to machine communication.

Humans aren't made to separate the signal from the noise and that's a problem, because the next big jump will exponentially increase the amount of information out there by orders of magnitude.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). That's the key to the future, the one which will change everything. The most influential innovation ever created. Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking call it the most important conversation of our lifetime.

However, all great feats are bound to come with faults. Any AGI created will be a thousand times smarter than any human before it. And this is where we have to make a choice...

If we, humanity, want to continue being relevant in a world flooded by AGI's, we'll have to upgrade ourselves — heavily. Then we must start right now.

This is where Memory fits in.

How smart can we get with artificial memory and the right algorithms? AI performs extremely well at the same things humans are bad at, and vice versa. Processing enormous amounts of information, finding patterns and predicting new ones – in the speed of light. Perfect for an AI, impossible for a human.

That's why we're building a Memory-database. On top of that we're creating tools which will give humans digital superpowers. A kind of glue between you and the future. A glue between you and everyone. A glue that knows everything and that can separate the signal from the noise, every-single-second.

Our plan is pretty simple

  • Solve a real problem and build a real company where Memory is the innovation. See Timely, a completely automatic time tracking tool.
  • 2 Use the money and insight from step 1 to continue developing the Memory-database, while understanding where the next opportunities are.
  • 3 Build new products where Memory is the innovation.
  • 4 Loop point 1-3 as many times as needed.
  • 5 Open Memory up as an API. Let others build products on top and share data back.
    5B: Build an AGI.
  • 6 Become the worlds largest tech company to have the biggest possible impact on the direction of the world.

To accomplish that plan – we need help.
Help from 30 extraordinary human beings.

See a collection of the open positions in the bottom of the page.

Memory is not your average Norwegian company. We work tirelessly because we have a need build something bigger than ourselves. To create something important. Just like you want to. You know who you are. Now we're after 30 people just like you.


Everyone should take part in the success we're building together, so we're offering all employees stock options, in addition to salaries.

Work Remotely (or from Oslo)

You know best where you're productive. Work from our office in Oslo, or anywhere else in the world. We just want the best people.

Skilled Employees

We don't just hire anyone, we hire the best people we can find. We enjoy working with skilled colleagues and so should you.

Direct Influence

We value ideas over titles, and you are very much encouraged to directly influence where this company goes on any matter and on what we build.

Flexible Hours

We hire great people to do great work, not to baby sit them. You know when you're the most productive. Create a schedule that fits your style.

Loose Vacation Policy

Your work will be valued in quality, not time. That means as long as you do great work, you can take as much vacation as you want.

Press attention

We're after 30 exceptional people just like you.