In a world full of distractions, choose deep work.

Dewo uses AI to optimize your day and make time for what matters.

Quantify Deep Work

We produce our best work in a state of of distraction-free “deep focus”. But busy workspaces and distracting tools continually divide and degrade our attention.

Dewo is all about becoming fully present on one task at a time. See how and when you perform cognitively deep work, with a running deep work score to help track your progress.

Disect Your Distractions

Meetings, email, chat and procrastination all eat into the time we have available for meaningful work. But few people actually know where their time sinkholes lie.

Dewo breaks down the time you spend in every app in granular detail, and calculates the cost of daily context switching. Identify distractions, demanding tasks and intrusive tools.

Work Smarter with Custom Tips

Analysis in itself is meaningless without action. Thankfully, Dewo can do the productivity math for you.

Its AI processes all your productivity data and provides personal tips on how to create more space for quality deep work. Colourful graphs visualize where your time goes and charter the effectiveness of your changes.