Two New Launches for Windows: Memory Tracker and Timely

Written on 
June 26, 2017

Today we’re super-excited to get both the regular Timely experience out on Windows, as well as the all-new Memory Tracker. Memory radically simplifies time tracking by creating a completely automatic timeline of everything you did in a day. You never have to try and think about what you worked on ever again. ️

️Download Memory Tracker for Windows

️Download Timely Desktop for Windows

Here’s what the Memory Tracker looks like:

two new launches for windows 1 BODY

It’s as simple as it gets. Just log in and make sure the tracking is on and then Memory will start doing its magic. Wanna pause tracking? Hit the toggle. You can hit the X to minimize it, and it will continue running in the background.

If you want to open it up again, you can always find it in the utility list in the bottom-right corner on Windows. Tip: Make sure to check off ‘Launch automatically on startup’.

In Timely, this is what you’ll see:

two new launches for windows 2 BODY

Screenshot from Memory inside of Timely

If there are any apps or icons missing, or it displays the app name instead of the file name, please send us a message and we’ll quickly update it.

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