We've given Timely a spring clean!

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May 24, 2018

'Tis the season for dusting corners and squishing bugs! 🕷 We’ve just finished a massive Timely spring clean, ironing out quirks and improving the functionality of your favourite features. Take a look at your sparkling new Timely.

Even slicker custom reports

We’ve polished a load of functionality in your new Reports page, to make customized reporting even more intuitive and simple. Some of the highlights include:

Nested tag charts

For cleaner, more logical categorization. In this example, the sub-tags “Production”, “Pitching” and “Ideation” are all nested snuggly under the parent tag “Phase”:


Visible entry notes

So you can quickly see details on what a given user logged. We've also highlighted project titles in blue to make your project lists easier to scan:


Bulk editing

So you can mark groups of entries as billed or unbilled, set common tags and delete with one click.

Reports bulk update

Sorting fixed hours by date

To help you quickly review user timesheets chronologically. Just click on "Client Name" to sort!


Default chart widgets

To help you get to key information faster whenever you create a report.

prepopulated reports

Including deleted user data

So staff changeovers don’t warp company hours reporting.

Every chart you select now comes pre-populated with information to make the whole experience more intuitive. We've also added tooltips on the "Filter" and "+ Chart" buttons to give you a quick taste of everything you can do with your reports.


Thanks to everyone who sent across report feature requests to help us improve Timely! Keep ‘em coming.

GDPR-tight privacy policy

In line with new European data protection laws, we’ve made a ton of changes to help you manage and control all the personal data you store in Timely. We’ve tweaked our Privacy Policy, simplified our data deletion process and added new controls to your Notifications Settings to help you manage all the communications you want to receive from us.

All emails are now opt-out by default, which means if you do want to stay in the loop about new Timely improvements and features, you need to update your email preferences now:


✅ We suggest signing up to these three communications to get the most out of your Timely subscription.

Watch this space closely for updates on iOS and Apps management in Timely. 🔍

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