Timely just got AI: Never create timesheets ever again

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January 29, 2018

We can’t quite believe we get to say this: you never have to manually fill in a timesheet ever again. Timely just eliminated one of the world’s biggest ball-aches and it’s all thanks to Memory AI: the world’s first self-learning algorithm for time tracking.

Fully automatic time tracking

Memory AI fully automates the entire time tracking process – from tracking activity through to creating a timesheet. Using intelligent neural networks, it filters through all the unstructured data you produce each day to understand the overall tasks you worked on and logs your hours for you.


So, if you spend 20 minutes flicking from a draft email for an unknown contact to a LinkedIn profile, it knows you’re probably writing a sales pitch email. A little dashed time entry will then automatically appear in your timeline suggesting this activity.

You just need to approve, edit or reject suggested time entries. With each interaction, the algorithm gets smarter and even learns how you like to group your tasks. You never have to actively log time or create a timesheet ever again. No joke.

Memory AI: the means behind the magic

Sounds pretty Sci-Fi, right? So, why are we using AI and how does it work?

Problems with manual timesheets

It all starts with the fact that manual timesheets suck so much: they’re inaccurate, boring, time-consuming, anti-manager, unproductive and fundamentally “unhuman”. Nobody can remember every single thing they work on and in 2018 they really shouldn’t have to.

Every single time tracker on the market currently just simplifies the manual entry process by making tools faster to load, easier to click through, and prettier to look at. We want to actually solve the problem, which means making Timely smart enough to create timesheets for you.

The world’s first AI-powered time tracker

We each generate a ton of data each day — where we go, what websites we look at, what meetings we have, what documents we work on, what phone calls we make — but our brains can only make sense of a fraction of it. Machines, in contrast, can process it all in seconds to a degree of accuracy. And we designed them to make effortless the stuff we suck at.

But you can’t simply create a single static computer program to solve time tracking, because everyone works differently. AI is the perfect answer to this because it actively adjusts to your needs. Timely’s AI algorithm — Memory AI — listens to your feedback and learns to produce timesheets that are so authentically tagged and accurate, they could have been created by your own hand.

Memory AI is like a digital “second self” (who happens to LOVE admin).

Start using Memory AI

We’ve just released Memory AI as a closed beta.

There’s a lot of data processing involved, so we’re adding people in batches. Once you’re at the front of the queue on our waiting list, we’ll send your exclusive access invitation. Here’s what you should do once you’re in:

Install the Memory tracker

First of all, install the Memory app. The tracker gathers all the information Memory AI uses to make automatic time entry suggestions. It’s simple: no data, no automatic timesheets. The Memory tracker appears as a cute brain icon in your toolbar. Always make sure it’s “on” when you’re ready to work.

Turn on Memory Tracker

Connect your favourite apps

Once you’ve installed the tracker, head to “Apps” under your “Settings” tab in Timely to connect all the apps you work with.

connect apps

Get stuck into your work

Then just go about your day! No need to enter any time entries — Timely will soon start making suggestions. (This feels a bit weird at first, but you’ll relax as Timely works its magic).

List of suggested time entries

Review suggested time entries

There’s no single correct way of reviewing suggestions – you can batch review all in one go, or as and when they appear. It’s completely up to you! The algorithm actually learns your behaviour and adapts to your working rhythm. So, if you normally only check Timely at the end of the day, you’ll only get suggestions at the end of the day.

whole week of suggestions

Don’t worry if your suggestions haven’t appeared by the time you’re ready to clock off: you’ll always get a notification about any unseen suggestions the following day.

AI time entry suggestion

Let Timely create your whole timesheet

Memory AI refines its suggestions with each approval, rejection or edit you make. You’ll soon get to a stage where its intelligent time entries are so accurate that you can entrust it to create your whole timesheet automatically.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine Memory AI flawlessly creating all your timesheets for you – forever.

Tl;dr:we’ve eliminated timesheet creation from the face of the Earth. Forever. No more head scratching, time wasting, colleague chasing or lost billable hours. Get back to what you love and know that not all AI is out to get you. 😘

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