Timely for watchOS 2

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September 21, 2015
Timely for watchOS 2

Complication on the left showing the total logged today. On the right it shows a timer running.

WatchOS 2 will be coming out very shortly and Timely is already out on the App Store ready to take advantage of it as soon as it lands. There are three main new things:

1. Complications

One of the brand new things in watchOS 2 are complications. They are these small little widgets of information that live on the homescreen of the watch, always accessible every time you look at your watch. We think these are going to be really great and have two different ones for Timely.

The first is for when you have a timer running. It will the actual time thus far, as seen on the image on the right in the very top. The second complication is when you don’t have a timer running, at which point it will show the current logged total for today and the amount of money you’ve earned. The complications work in all sizes on all the different watch faces.

2. The Digital Crown

Apple didn’t allow developers to take advantage of the digital crown in the first version of watchKit, but now it’s finally possible. Instead of tapping a button to increase and decrease the amount of time, you can now simply adjust the crown. Easier and much faster.

3. Fully Native

Fully native apps are now also a reality of Apple Watch, and Timely is of course taking advantage of that. The app should be faster and even able to update data if it has wi-fi, but is missing the phone.

We hope you like the updated version.

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