Timely and Todoist, fully integrated

Last updated on
October 31, 2016

See all your completed tasks from Todoist, right in Timely. Log hours with a single click.

How does the Timely and Todoist integration work?

It’s tough to try and remember what you worked on a week ago. It’s even harder to try and remember how long it took. Now it’s going to get a little easier with the new Todoist-integration in Timely; All of your Todoist completed tasks you will show up in Timely’s Day View under the Todoist widget, with the timestamp of when you completed them.

todoist in timely

What is Todoist?

Todoist is a task management tool. It offers cloud based collaboration on shared tasks. You can organize your tasks and projects and optimize your productivity.

We hope you enjoy it.

Important tip: You need to have a premium Todoist account to get your Todoist task in Timely. Grab one here.

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