The New Daily Notification

Written on 
November 4, 2015

If there is one thing that we’ve learned since launching Timely, it’s that the more often you log hours, the more accurate the time becomes. Obvious stuff, I know. But when so many of us log hours once a month or once a week, there’s a real problem.

One of the biggest reasons for it is that for most of us logging hours is something we need to do, not something we want to do. That makes the cognitive load pretty big for doing the task. It’s easy to just let it go.

So we’ve been testing a new daily notification, which some of you have gotten. Today we’re now rolling it out to everyone. It’s really simple and you’re in complete control;

On the days you choose (e.g. Monday to Friday) at a time you specifiy (e.g. 17:00) you’ll get a notification asking you to log hours if you haven’t done so that day. If you have already added hours, you’ll not get any notifications.

You can edit these settings on the Notifications page inside of Timely. We hope you like it.

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