The New Company View

Written on 
November 22, 2015

When we started building Timely, we took a deliberate choice to focus first on making the experience for the freelancer — for the individual — our top priority. We did that because it’s very important for us that our real users — the people that log hours every day — love to use Timely, and not just the managers that need to get data out.

That’s why we’ve only had a solo view on the calendar for so long, but that finally changes today.

The all-new Company view is a great new feature for companies. It gives you a simple and valuable overview of the whole company and what your team have done or have planned.

  • It’s really simple to choose which users you want to look at from the top right users dropdown.
  • All hours are collapsed, so you’ll be able to see more stuff from everyone.
  • Each user also has daily totals, which makes it a breeze to see how much someone has worked on a day, or how much they have planned on a particular day.

All in all, this should give teams a much better overview of what is going on in their company. We hope you like it.

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