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October 16, 2018

Project time tracking in Timely just got even more fabulous with the addition of two cool new features: recurring budgets and tag lists 💁🏻. You can now easily manage retainers and ongoing projects, as well as quickly standardize time reporting across your company. Dreamy!

Recurring budgets 💰

Due to huge popular demand, we’ve just added in the ability to track recurring time and money budgets for Company plan users. This makes ridiculous sense if you regularly work on rolling projects and retainers, but also if you want to control how you divide resources across your different projects.

Previously, we had you manually creating identical projects each month to track these ongoing budgets — and we’re sorry. It all ends now!

You’ll now find a shiny new "Budget" section when you go to create or edit a project:


Just punch in your budget total, choose your recurring time interval and set a start date for your project. Once your interval has passed, your budget will automatically reset itself afresh! 🌿

Naturally, we’ve also given you a fancy new “Budget” tab in you project overview page:


It's a great way to quickly review and analyze where your recurring budgets go, and compare fluctuations in your budget spend across different time periods.

Tag lists 🏷

Tags are the simplest way to quickly classify different time activities, but since no two projects are quite the same you can end up drowning in them. A lot of you got in touch to say that employees were using the wrong tags to report time out of confusion, so we’ve had a go at cracking the problem. Behold tag lists:


With your new tag list feature, you can quickly create tailored groups of tags for your different projects. It provides a definitive list of all the activities that should go into that project, and helps employees select the right tags to standardize time reporting across your company.

Here’s how it works

  1. Under the Tags section, Hit “Create new list” on a new or existing project
  2. Click on the "+ New Tag" button to create a sub-tag
  3. Then select all the sub-tags you want to add to that list

You can set up as many Tag Lists as you need for each project and — if you’re on the Company plan — you can toggle “require” on the sub-tags your employees have to add to every entry.

You can also create sub-tags from Settings > Tags. Just remember to "allow" the sub-tags you want to show up across your projects.

What about existing tags?

They’re not going anywhere! They will just default as individual Tag Lists. Until you add sub-tags to them, they will remain empty, like so:


But you will still be able to tag work using them:


There’s a ton of information available in Timely, so we’re working hard to make it more accessible — only showing you the most relevant information needed for any specific action. Tag lists mark a big improvement in Timely’s usability and information logic, and we plan to keep going! Just let us know where you think we should focus our efforts next. 💡

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