New Reports page, iOS and Android updates

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March 23, 2017

March is almost over and we thought we’d share an update about some new things that have been launched:

Brand New Reports page built for speed

Right before Christmas we talked about our focus on speed, and specifically on the Week view. Now we’ve launched an all-new reports page that is blazing fast as well — both in performance and in usage.

march updates 1 BODY


The entire page has been rebuilt from the ground up using the front-end language React. It’s the same way we built the Hours page, which means the page will load instantly now if you click it from that page. Every single line has been optimized for speed.

Usage and refined design

A different aspect to speed is the actual interaction. How quick is it to manipulate? In this new version any filter dropdown is fully keyboard-supported, so you can use arrows, tabs, submit/unsubmit. Searching, selecting and de-selecting has never been this fast. It all loads instantly as you update.

As a bonus, the keyboard support has been transferred over to the Week view, so moving between notes, project, and tags is super fast as well.

In addition to that the whole page has gotten design tweaks to make the entries easier to read and quicker to navigate. Enjoy :)

iOS 4.4

Timely for iPhone has gotten a tweaked design now at 4.4 with the following updates;

march updates 2 BODY
  • Refreshed design on Hours
  • All-new week navigation bar with one-tap navigation
  • Calendar picker to navigate to any day quickly

Android 1.1

It’s only been a few weeks since the very first version of Android and we’re moving fast with additional features. Here’s what is new in 1.1:

march updates 3 BODY
  • New left pane navigation with Hours, Projects and Settings pages
  • Ability to start and stop timers
  • View your projects, add new ones and edit existing
  • Switch between accounts
  • Edit currency, email and profile picture
  • It’s now possible to create a new account on Android as well

In addition to that there are several squashed bugs.

Enjoy the updates! 😘

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