New on iOS: Location Tracking, Push Notifications and More

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January 18, 2018

To add a bit more sparkle to your January 🎇, we’ve just launched a whole bunch of fancy stuff on our iOS time tracker.

iOS location tracker

You can now track all the time you spend on the move, wherever you wander, to get a complete picture of your working day. Location tracking lets you capture previously hidden billable hours spent on-the-go — like off-site client meetings and travelling for work — and gives you a precise log of all the hours you spend in the office each day.

ios location 1@2x

It’s also great for tracking personal time. Perhaps you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get more active or exercise for a set period every week? Our iOS tracker can show exactly how long you actually spend in the gym, and help you stick to your planned active time.

Location tracking is also pretty handy for seeing how much tasks overrun and for tracking active work for the more restless among us (think “walking meetings”). Or if you want to check if that client meeting went over time:

location logging

Track your location

Just click the "Settings" tab at the bottom-right of your screen: switch-on “GPS Tracking”, accept the pop-ups and you’re ready to go! You can also toggle “Minimize battery use” if you’re running low on juice. Everything will still be tracked, but will take a bit longer to show up in your timeline.

ios push settings

Timely’s tracker uses iOS location and motion activity data to track your whereabouts, and all your data appears automagically in your Memory Timeline. You can push tracked locations directly to your timesheet from here: just select a location and tap “Create Entry”.

ios memory design@2x

Quick, easy, lovely. And don’t sweat – all your logged movements are private to you alone. So, start the year on the right foot and go explore! 🎉

An even prettier design

Your iOS Memory Timeline has blossomed 🌸. The new design massively simplifies timeline scanning and logging hours to your timesheet.

All the websites and apps you use now appear under icons in your timeline, giving you a clear visual overview of what you’ve been doing. When you go to push an activity to your timesheet, you’ll find the 5-minute snapper rounds much more accurately. The only information visible in your public timesheet will be the recorded time and notes you choose to include.

ios memory

Improving clarity was super important for us, since we realize you need to quickly select and log activities without accidentally pushing public any sensitive data from your private timeline. The new design makes this a whole lot safer and quicker to process.

Custom push notifications

Psst, have you logged your hours for today? Due to popular demand, we’ve created nudges to make sure everything is in its right place before you log off for the day. You’ll never forget to log your hours ever again.

ios-goodies-1 BODY@2x

You can now get friendly reminders to log outstanding hours from the previous working day. Just click “Settings” in your bottom menu and switch on “Allow push notifications”. From there, select the days and time you want to receive reminders, and relax 🍸 — we’ve got your back.

There’s absolutely loads to play with — have fun and let us know what you think! 😊

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