New Integration: Start and Stop Timers with Physical Buttons

Written on 
December 20, 2016

Now this is one of the coolest integrations we’ve done: We’ve partnered up with Flic to let you start and stop timers with a single click on a physical button. It’s like a hyper-modern punch-in / punch-out system.

See this video for how it works:

Here’s a summary of what you can with it:

  • One-click to start or stop a timer
  • Double-click to log a default, customizable amount of time
  • Connect Flic buttons with different colors to different projects

And as Christmas is just around the corner, use coupon ‘timely&flic’ to get 10% off your Flic purchase. Click here to buy a Flic Smart Button.

Learn more about how to set it up on our knowledge base

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