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August 30, 2018

This month, there’s something for everyone 🎁. We’ve just released a bundle of new goodies across all Timely apps — mobile, web and desktop — from small formatting tweaks to full-on mobile project management. Have a nose at all your cool new features!

Mobile project control

Building on last month’s iOS project release, we’ve added a suite of individual project controls to further enable mobile project management. Just click on a specific project on mobile to unlock a new world of detail. Three new segments — Status, Activities and Hours — show you all the information you could ever want:


The Status tab details all the hours and money logged, planned and yet to be billed for a project. It also lists all associated users and project tags for quick management.


The Activities tab chronologically lists all activities tied to the project since it began. It’s great for following what’s happening on your project in real-time and seeing where project hours are being spent.


The Hours tab translates this to a user view, so you can see how much time each project member has logged to the project. Click on individual users from here to access even more information.

This latest update brings mobile reporting up-to-par with Timely’s web and desktop apps, giving you more freedom to analyze and manage time from your favourite device. It’s especially important for those of you who frequently work on-the-go!

What about Android project management? Watch this space - we’ll be releasing something juicy VERY soon. 😃

New date formats

It’s only a small change, but we know it makes a world of difference: you can now arrange dates in Timely according to the month-day-year format!

Just head to your Settings and select it under your main Profile tab:

Date format@2x

No more deciphering reports or confusing your North American clients! If you ever spot any other local formatting you’d like to see in Timely, just shoot your suggestions to

Export your data as a .csv

In addition to Excel and PDF formatting, you can now download all your Timely reports as CSV files.


CSV files give you a completely flat structure: each row in the file represents a time entry with its associated properties listed as columns, like so:


It makes it much easier to move your Timely report data into your own personal templates, especially if that involves removing any sensitive information which clients don’t need to see.

As the prefered file format for business intelligence and accounting systems, .CSVs should let you do a lot more with your data outside Timely too. We know this makes a massive difference for those of you who want to create custom reports, so thanks for hanging in there. 🐵

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