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Written on 
November 7, 2017


Due to Google Play policy changes, we have sadly had to remove the Phone Call Log feature. We fought hard to save it, with the remarkable support of our users, but unfortunately they did not grant us an exception.

No matter how you schedule your day, unexpected things always pop up (or rather, people). But with our latest Android release, we’ve made dealing with them so much easier!

From now on – wherever you are, whatever you’re in the middle of – any calls you make or receive will be showing up in the Memory timeline!

From receiving unexpected calls in the back of a taxi to managing a slew of them in one day, our latest Android feature makes sure these “hidden” events always make their way onto your timesheet.

It’s also pretty useful for those you’re expecting, since scheduled client calls have a funny way of overrunning (No, YOU hang up first!).

phone calls android@2x

BOOM  👊🏼! No more lost hours, no more phonebook/timesheet cross-referencing.

Enabling call logging

Simply switch on “phone calls logging” right at the top of your Memory Apps menu. If you ever want to turn it off just go the same place and toggle it off.

Get the new update on Google Play and stay tuned for more juicy Android updates.

P.s. We'd love to bring this feature to iOS as well, but for the time being that type of data is not accessible from Apple. We could potentially connect directly to your carrier in the future, which we'll look into if it's a popular request.

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