Launch: Timely for Apple Watch

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May 10, 2015


After a good run, Timely support for Apple Watch was retired in June 2019. We finally had to agree with our users that WatchOS just doesn't offer the best space to enjoy Timely to its fullest. Rest assured, we are constantly pouring more love into our Timely iOS experience.

We’re ecstatic to finally show you Timely for Apple Watch! We’ve spent a ton of work on this and think it might be the best way to use Timely yet.

What product would be more natural to keep track of your time on — than a watch? We couldn’t think of a better product fit, which his why we were thrilled when the announcement from Apple came regarding the Apple Watch. It was simply the best product we could build for.

Thus, we absolutely had to make sure to be ready on launch day. The app is simplicity at its finest. Here’s how it works:

Timely on Apple Watch

When you open the app, you’ll find two buttons at the top:

  • The plus button on the left is for logging hours. Tap it and choose a project, then your time (and optionally planned time). That’s all you need to do to log hours. It will literally take you a few seconds.
  • The timer button on the right is for starting a timer. Tap it and a timer will be started with your last used project. And that’s all you need. One tap.

The watch is built around interactions that shouldn’t last more than a few seconds, and we’ve designed Timely around this concept everywhere.

Task page

Task page on Apple Watch

If you tap a task, you can see all the info regarding that task. You can change project, edit the time, complete and open a task, as well as start a timer. You can also use the new Force Touch here, which will give you options to delete task or move it to tomorrow.


Timely Glances on Apple Watch

Glances is a big part of the Apple Watch experience and a great way to check your current status. We have two in Timely:

  • The first is for when you’re running a timer. You’ll see your progress and a timer running in the actual Glance.
  • The second one is for when you’re not a running a timer. It will show you a general status of your day so far. How much you’ve worked, how much you’ve earned and how many open tasks you have left.


Timely Notifications on Apple Watch

Notifications is another big part of the Apple Watch, and we’ve made sure to implement a few to begin with.

  • The first is when you’ve reached the planned amount on a task that you set. Right from the notification, you can use custom actions to Complete Task or Pause Timer.
  • The second notification is for when a timer has been running for one hour. Same actions here as well; complete task or pause timer.

We hope you get a chance to try out Timely for Apple Watch. We’ve had a blast building it and would love to hear your thoughts! Download Timely on the App Store.

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