Launch: Timely for Android 🎉

Written on 
February 27, 2017

We’re thrilled to launch the newest addition to the family; our Android app! The number one reason why people couldn’t use Timely in their team has been the lack of Android support. Today that finally changes.

The app is a fully native experience crafted with the Android conventions and design language. We didn’t just want to port an iOS app, we wanted to do this properly. Here’s how it looks:

timely for android 1 BODY

The interface is focused and clean. A cool new addition here is the day navigation in the top, which makes it very easy to go to a different day and knowing where in the week you are. We don’t have that on iOS, but will be bringing that over. Here’s a few notes to keep in mind:

  • Log new hours by simply tapping the big green plus button
  • Slide or tap a day to navigate
  • Use the slider to edit the amount of time logged
  • Tap ‘Logged Hours’ to switch to ‘Planned Hours’

We wanted to get a simple version one out there as quickly as possible, so there’s no management of projects, timers, reports page or settings for now. Those will come shortly, but we wanted to get the most critical aspect right first: the ability to log hours.

➡️ Download Timely from Google Play 😃

We’re very excited about finally coming to Android and we’re only getting started! Please send us feedback on or on @timelyapp. Thanks!

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