Launch: The Biggest Redesign in Timely’s History

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December 4, 2016

Today we’re launching the biggest redesign of Timely since we started the company. There have been tweaks in the past, but there has never been a redesign like this. Here’s how it looks:

the biggest redesign 1 BODY

Left Navigation and Full Window Width

The first thing you’ll notice is that the main navigation is now moved to the left. Most computer screens are wider than they are tall, and we wanted to exploit as much screen real-estate as possible, and this definitively helps with that. In most pages, the content now also expands the full width of the window instead of having a max-width.

Clicking the "T" in the top left shows you the account dropdown and switcher. Clicking your avatar shows the user settings and options.

New Date Picker

The next thing you might see is we got an all-new date picker. It’s a super-quick way to navigate weeks instead of having to click the arrows a ton of times. While we’ve been testing it, we couldn’t believe this hasn’t been here before.

Timely date picker

New buttons and refreshed color-scheme

Everything in Timely has gotten a refresher. Buttons have been re-created, new icons across the board, patterns have been squashed and project colors have gotten a more prominent place. Part of the focus of the redesign was to remove unnecessary items and let the content be the hero. We think this is an awesome first-step toward that.

But enough talk, this is a visual design and using this thing is the best way to experience it. Check out all the new goodies by logging in on

We hope you like it! 😘

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