Launch: The All-New Timely for iPhone & iPad

Written on 
June 8, 2016

This has been a big undertaking for us. The new version has literally gotten a big re-write and now consists of 80% less code, even though it’s on iPhone and iPad now. That’s a lot of optimized code, which means the app is now way, way faster and a lot easier for us to build upon. Second, the old app tried to be a little bit too fancy, if you will, in some areas. This new design is all about focus and clarity. Here are some the new things.

All-new design and codebase

timely design on iphone

Force Touch is the fastest way to log hours

iphone notifications

Force Touch is the fastest way to log hours or start a timer. Simply press hard on the icon on your home screen and up to the action you want. You can even use it to pause a timer running. It doesn’t get any quicker than this.

Split View and Slide Over on iPad

timely design on ipad

Split View makes multitasking on the iPad so much better. Set up Timely next to any other app you’re working on, jotting notes down or checking your timer as you go. You can also use Slide Over for quick and easy access into Timely.

Download the new iOS app from the App Store. Thanks for using Timely – we hope you enjoy this major update.

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