Launch: Speed — Part One, and Other Updates

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November 17, 2016

Speed. The highly undervalued feature that is a tough sell to managers everywhere. It’s feature you can’t see it, but oh can you feel it.

Now we’ll be honest, Timely has been fast-ish, but it hasn’t been Usain Bolt fast. That is about to start changing.

Today we’re introducing our all-new week view, rebuilt from the ground up in React. It had previously been built in Angular and had been with us since the very beginning.

The new week view is fast. So frekin’ fast.

Now the main aspect of this new version is speed. These two things are now a distant past:

redundant Timely features

Instead of that spinner on the left, you’ll instantly be able to create hours. In addition to that, it’s faster to load, faster to switch users, faster to navigate weeks, faster to move entries, faster calculations and a bunch of more smaller things.

Here’s some other improvements on the all-new Week view:

  • The Week view can handle a ton of entries without becoming any noticeably slower.
  • The entry editor has been simplified and tweaked. Looks like this now:
new entry editor

Easier time displaying, hidden planned time if you don’t set it and moved timer icon.

  • You can now drag entries directly anywhere in the list on other days. Before you had to first move it to a day, then re-order it.
  • You can click any day to go straight to the day view of that day.
Timely day view
  • The visual logic for logged vs. planned as been updated and makes much more sense now.
new planned vs logged design
  • It’s fast. Did we say fast?
  • And maybe best of all, this codebase is substantially easier to build upon for the future.

We think you’re going to love this new feature, even though it’s not as visual as other features. And stay tuned for more news about speed in the coming future.

Other Updates

Here’s a few other updates that have been shipped:

In Google Calendar and Outlook / Office 365, you can now choose what calendars to display and optionally auto import events.

Check of the calendars you want and either choose to display them on the day view, or additionally auto import all events to a project of your choosing.

Google calendar in Timely

Easily filter in Reports to only see active or archived on both users and projects.

There is now easy navigation in each pop-up.

report navigation

The "choose column" columns can be hidden on reports and will be respected once exported.

Previously, the money was included in the logged and planned columns, but you can now hide both hours and money.

hide columns in reports

Reports will also download directly now if they are below a certain size, which should work in about 80% of cases.

And finally...

With our iOS 10 and watchOS 3 release, we also added support for editing your own profile and company settings right from the iPhone.

We hope you enjoy the updates! 😍

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