Launch: Reports in a Brand New Way

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February 15, 2016

Reports are a critical part of any productivity application, especially when dealing with how you spend your time. We knew we were lagging a bit behind in that area but that’s all set to change with our whole new super fast Reports page. Here’s what’s new:

Everything is Now Linkable

Remember when you spent time customizing your Reports, changing filters to show a custom amount of users or projects? And then you refreshed or sent the page to someone else and… POOF!!! All that info you worked hard on to get just right went back to the default settings…Well fear no more, everything is now linkable! Now any filter you add – be it a custom time frame or a different amount of users and projects, the url of the page – will constantly update. So, if you’re sending a co-worker a link to your report with all those personalized settings, Reports will look exactly the same as it did when you made it. No resets. No fuss!


Quickly getting to the correct report is now so much more easy! Want to see the stuff for “X” client? Only want to see info regarding a certain person? Just click on the name and the whole page will update, showing you information from that particular client, project or person.

reports in a brand new way 1 BODY

Search Fields in Every Pop-up

Look up anything you need. Search boxes are available in all the pop-ups, making finding what you need as easy as pie.

reports in a brand new way 2 BODY

Rearrange Data Order

Choose which columns to order your data by. Users, projects, clients, logged hours, planned hours and billable hours now can all be rearranged. Show the biggest customers by logged hours or which user has the most planned money. You can choose to organize your Reports in any way you want. Just click the title in the column and it will filter automatically. Click it again to reverse the order.

reports in a brand new way 3 BODY

Hide Columns

Hide any column of data you don’t want on your report. Just deselect the option you don’t want from the column pop-up and they will not show up or be included in the exported file. It’s as simple as that.

reports in a brand new way 4 BODY

We hope you digg our new and improved Reports page as much as we do. Don’t forget, we’re always available on if you have any questions.

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