New Design for iOS

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December 11, 2017

We were so excited by iPhone X that it sparked a full redesign of our whole app. Hit the jump and see how it looks!

Clear, clearer, clearest

We took away as many distracting elements as we could to purposfully let the essence of Timely be front and center; your actual hours. There's no question about what matters.

ios new design@2x

Gone are the competing colored tab bar and the crammed spaces. The plus button is much bigger and moved closer to the bottom so your thumb can reach it easier. Font sizes are bigger and tighter.

Every page got a facelift

ios many pages@2x

Every page got a touch-up. New big iOS 11-style banners, clean search bars, tightened alignments and spacing.

ios ipad@2x

And if you haven't tried it yet, Timely works great on the iPad as shown above. We hope you enjoy the new look – more upgrades coming soon! 👏

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Designed by vikings in Oslo, Norway